The Significance Of Job Satisfaction In A Call Centre Environment

The main focus of this dissertation is to discover the significance of job satisfaction in a call centre environment. Call centre work often is perceived as low-skilled work with high management control. Relating themes that will be reviewed will be job design which initially ties in with job satisfaction. Research has shown that a call centres that implement HR practice are more likely to have low staff turnover. This dissertation sets out to research the problems currently being experienced in a financial service industry call centre called, Lloyds Blackhorse Finance, regarding the retention of staff in the call centre department. On a generic foundation the researcher aims to find out how significant job satisfaction is in correlation to high staff turnover.

Employee attitudes towards work are detrimental to the level and quality of outcome. It is a common assumption that people discontinue work due to the fact they are dissatisfied with their jobs. It is an objective therefore to find out the validity of this assumption by assessing employees quitting intention. A subsequent article illustrated that call centre representatives play a significant role that shapes the customers’ perception of the organisation . Many financial services primarily focus on sustaining customer relationship hence call centre representatives service is vital as they are the first point of contact.

The objectives to achieve this aim will be to explore the theme of job satisfaction and the related themes of staff turnover, job design and employees attitudes towards work. In seeking information and knowledge on these themes academic literature such as peer-reviewed journal articles and text books and secondary research sources will be used. Secondary research sources will consist of newspaper articles, Government statistics and Human Resource Management specialist magazines.

After gathering knowledge and sufficient evidence that key topics are widely researched, the researcher aims test to see if theory matches reality. This will be achieved through the empirical research. The objective to achieve the primary research and findings will be acquired through distribution of questionnaires to the ‘Retail Finance Division’ in Blackhorse. Taking into consideration the level of feedback and response rate, 60 questionnaires will be distributed.

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  • Includes questionnaire
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Literature Review
Setting the Scene: Call Centres
Job satisfaction in a Call Centre Environment
Job Design in a Call Centre
Employee Attitudes
Staff Retention and Turnover

Other Research Methods
The Chosen Method

Summary of Analysis Chapter 5: Discussion & Analysis
Salary, Reward/Bonus Related Issues
Job Design Issues

Conclusions and Reflections
Limitations of the study
CIPD Requirement



Job Satisfaction In Call Centre Environments Dissertation
Job Satisfaction In Call Centre Environments Dissertation

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