Is the Human Resources Function Essential in Achieving Successful Organisational Change?

Change management is progressively more an area which organisations need to have the ability to thrive within. The business environment is increasingly competitive and dynamic and this put pressure on organisations within the environment to adapt and modify itself enabling it to continue to survive and progress. This study looks to the importance of the human resources function in achieving successful organisational change.

It draws upon research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and explores academics who are increasingly publishing their views on HR’s role within change. The primary research carried out within this study is in the form of gathering views and opinions of employees present during an organisational change within a National Health Service Trust. Employees at every Agenda for Change Pay banding were included to ensure each level of staff could have their say. After analysing the primary data received, and linking this with secondary research the author concludes that the human resources function is essential in achieving successful organisational change.

The views of the employees questioned regarding the matter stated so and this mirrors the research undertaken by the CIPD. Although they seem to be essential, the role which HR takes within the change is debatable, it appears to be a more strategic and cultural change role as opposed to a day to day, operational role.

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1: Introduction
Chapter introduction
Merger of the Primary Care Trusts
Dissertation objectives
Outline of the following chapters

2: Literature Review
Importance of change
Triggers for change
Critical success factors to achieve successful organisational change
Creating a team and leadership
Developing a vision and strategy
The human aspect
The human resources function’s role in organisational change
Human resources development
Is Human resources an essential function in achieving successful organisational change
Chapter conclusion

3: Methodology
Research methodology
Secondary research
Primary research
Organisation used
Data collection methods
Ethical consideration
Pilot study
NHS Trust – Clearance

4: Findings and Analysis
Response rate
Banding demographic
Candidate responses
Being a team, creating leadership and crafting a vision and strategy
Employee Support
Processes and procedures
Human resources an essential function?

5: Conclusion
Literature review
Primary research
Processes and procedures
Being on the senior management project team
Further research



Appendices ** Does not includes questionnaire **

HRM and Successful Organisational Change Dissertation
HRM and Successful Organisational Change Dissertation

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