A Study into Recruitment and Selection Methods Deployed In the Growing Indian Information Technology (2010)

Recruitment and Selection Methods Dissertation – The modern business environment is characterised by ever changing technologies, policies and management practices. Keeping abreast of these quick changes, there is a strong need to human resource managers to be equipped with best and efficient management practices. Research in the human resource methods can guide the domestic and international economies and can contribute to maximising workers’ productivity.

Hiring is a process that can be defined as a system that will help in the development of effective workforce. The seed of best human resource practice is sown right at this phase. With continuous improvement and development of skills, and by the help of various training methods, a better workforce is created. The recruitment phase is indeed the single most important element for the success and failure of an HR program. HR managers employ various tools and methods and customs in the recruitment phase to make sure that the hiring is fair enough to enable the firms to hold the expected outcomes requiring in a more precise way.

  • 11,000 words – 60 pages in length
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1: Background and Introduction
History of HRM in Indian Information Technology
Research Questions
Research Aim

2: Recruitment and Selection
Meaning and Definition
Recent Development in Recruitment and Selection Practices
Aims and Objectives of Recruitment
Policy decisions on recruitment and selection
Skill Shortage and Recruitment
Selection Process
Steps in Selection Process
Job Analysis
Sources and Methods
Candidate Assessment
Selection criteria
Selection methods
Selection Tests
Psychological tests
On the job induction training
Selection Criteria in Indian IT Companies
Curtina Tech. Pvt Ltd.
Company Introduction
Introduction: Igate Global Solutions Ltd
Recruitment techniques used by IGATE
Screening and Short-listing of Candidates
Screening of Resumes
Short listing of Resumes
Online Written Test
Employment Application Form
The Interview Panel
Preliminary Interview
Next Level Interview
References verification
Selection decision
Salary discussion

3: Methods and Methodology
Strategy of Research
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Mixed Approach
Action Research
Experimental Research
Comparative Research
Evaluation Research
Primary and Secondary Data
Primary Data
Secondary Data

4: Research Analysis
Data Analysis
Triangulation Method of Data Analysis
Research Ethics

5: Findings and Conclusion
Recruitment and Practices adopted in emerging Indian IT companies
Selection Practices
Possible threats
Suggestions and Recommendations
Recommendations for Eureka Infoweb
Recommendations for IGATE Global Solution LTD
Limitations of study


Recruitment and Selection Methods Dissertation
Recruitment and Selection Methods Dissertation

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