A Critical Analysis of Employee Errors at Toyota (UK) using HRM Perspectives to Identify Possible Flaws (2012)

Employee Errors at Toyota HRM Dissertation – Human Resource Management or HRM is the supervision of a company’s employees. This managerial aspect is also called as a special management skill since it requires an effective and sensitive approach to properly ensure that all employees’ needs and concerns are met, discussed and solved. HRM is generally based on the theory that employees are individual beings with different needs and goals. By effectively practicing HRM within an organization, legislative compliance is assured.

By employing HRM, organizations are able to express their objective specifically thus increasing the employees’ total understanding of those objectives and the workers will be able to provide the essential resources to uphold the accomplishment of the said objectives. Workers will be able to properly express their concerns and operate effectively for the improvement of their own work objectives. HRM is in contrast to the traditional approach that employees are mere workers and have no say in the organizational objectives.

The techniques involved in this management system force the organizations to provide the necessary resources needed by the workforce to successfully accomplish their tasks. HRM simply decreases the risk of disputes that commonly occur within the enterprise. This type of personnel management practice is a continuing process as it aims to achieve the organization objectives that will be beneficial for both the management and the workforce. This research study primarily focuses on human resource management practices and the importance of HRM in an organization to grow in a path of success. The study conducted targets the Toyota’s downfall due to employee errors which was the result of poor HRM practices of this particular organization.

The main aim of the research conducted is to highlight the significance of human resource management practices in an organization and shed the light on the influence of poor human resource management system on the performance of employees. The studies carried out fundamentally focuses on aspects of human resource management system and critically analyse the root causes of downfall caused in Toyota due to the employee errors which gradually led the organization to experience the phase of failure. The research conducted aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Carefully examine and analyse the importance of human resource management system
  • Determine ineffective human resource management practices encourages the poor performance among organization employees
  • Highlight the HRM problems of Toyota which led to the organizational downfall due to employee errors.
  • 15,000 words – 70 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 Introduction
Employee Errors and HRM Practices
Company Profile
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Research Plan

2 Literature Review
Human Resource Management
Aspects of HRM
Strategic HRM Practices
Importance of HRM in Handling Employee Activities
Importance of HRM in Minimizing Employee Errors
Impact of Poor HRM Practices on Organization Growth

3 Research Methodology
Research Approach
Research Types
Why Was A Mixed Method Research Approach Used?
Primary and Secondary Data – Quantitative
Pre-Testing of the Questionnaire
Primary and Secondary Data – Qualitative
Limitations of the Research
Research Ethics

4 Critical Analysis and Findings

5 Conclusion And Recommendations

6 Appendix

7 References

Employee Errors at Toyota HRM Dissertation
Employee Errors at Toyota HRM Dissertation

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