HR Practices in the Telecommunications Industry and Their Application within British Telecom (2012)

HR Practices in the Telecommunications Industry Dissertation – The human resource (HR) management system is one of the integral parts of an organization; it plays a primary role in determining the prosperity of the company by designing and dealing with HR practices. This study highlights human-resource practices and their significance in the telecom industry. It focuses on HR practices and their applications in British Telecom, one of the United Kingdom’s leading telecom companies. The study reflects on the difficulties at British Telecom (BT) caused due to HR outsourcing.

The study implements qualitative research methodology to perform the primary data collection by conducting personal face-to-face interviews with British Telecom management staff. The study highlights the damaged organizational performance and the other related issues in this context. It examines the impact of HR outsourcing and its effects on company performance and more. The research paper critically analyzes the factors that caused BT to make this decision about its HR practices and the outcome of that decision.

The study is based on the reviews, analysis, and findings of the research, and it highlights some recommended steps to enhance BT HR practices and related areas. The main aim of the research is to highlight HR practices and their application in the telecom industry. The study also aims to highlight the outcomes of HR outsourcing in British Telecom and how exactly this outsourcing has impacted the organizations’ performance. The main objectives of the research study are as follows;

  • Critically analyze the significance of human resource management systems
  • Examine the changes seen over the years in the human resource management area and the changes observed in HR enforcement practices
  • Analyze the importance of HR practices in the telecom industry and examine the efficiency of HRM systems in this industry
  • Examine the HR practices of British Telecom and study the impact on organizational performance due to BT’s HR outsourcing
  • Examine the main factors that triggered BT’s decision to outsource its HR practices and how exactly this decision was realized
  • 15,000 words – 64 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Research Study Background
Overview and Problem Discussion
Problem Statement
Research Questions
Research Aims and Objectives
Scope of the study
Rationale of the Study
Research Limitations

2 – Literature Review
Human Resource Management – Definition, Scope and Objectives
Development of Human Resource Management System over the Years
Principles Underlying the Management of HRM Aspects of Outsourcing
Specific Approaches for Handling HRM Aspects of Outsourcing
Advantages and Disadvantages of HR Outsourcing
HRM Matters to be Considered when Outsourcing an Activity
Human Resource Management Issues — The Importance of a Structured Approach
The Potential Negative Impacts of HR Outsourcing
British Telecom Profile
BT HR Outsourcing and Its Consequences for Organizational Performance
Consequences of HR Outsourcing in Culture and Change Management

3 – Research Methodology
Research Approach
Deductive Research Approach
The Nature of the Research
Research Methodology
Qualitative method of research
Sampling Techniques
Interview Design
Data Collection
Primary data
Secondary data
The Value of This Research
Research Limitations

4 – Findings
Participants Profile
Interview Findings

5 – Analysis

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations



HR Practices and Their Application at British Telecom
HR Practices and Their Application at British Telecom

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