Driving Performance through Employee Engagement (2012)

Employee Engagement At Work Dissertation – This study focuses on the relationship between employee engagement and satisfaction with their supervisor. The thesis is spread over seven distinct chapters. Chapter one focuses on the background and significance of problem followed by the aim and objectives of study. The second chapter presents the critical appraisal of available literature pertinent to employee engagement, its importance, its relationship with supervisor satisfaction and available models and theories on this construct.

The third chapter focus on the methodology followed in the current study including research design, targeted population, study setting, data collection tool, data collection method, sample, and sampling strategy. The fourth chapter includes findings of the current study particularly with regard to the association of the relationship quality between employee and supervisors (measured via the LMX Scale) and employee engagement (measured via the UWES Scale). The fifth chapter presents the discussion along with the strengths and limitations of current study.

The sixth chapter contains the brief conclusion. Finally the appendices and bibliography are presented.Organisations make a range of efforts to promote employee engagement. Among many predictors, satisfaction with supervisor may influence the level of employee engagement. The aim of this paper was to examine the association between the quality of relationship a supervisor maintains with an employee with that employee’s engagement, characterised as vigour, dedication, and absorption. The correlation study design was used to identify the factors determining how the relationship quality of a supervisor with an employee subsequently affects employee engagement at work.

The study was conducted on employees working in the banking sector in London. Two scales were used for data collection including the Leader-Member Exchange Scale (LMX) for assessing satisfaction with supervisors and the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES) to assess employee engagement at work. Data was entered and analysed via SPSS software. Descriptive analysis was conducted to build a demographic profile of study participants, whereas Pearson’s correlation and regression analysis was conducted to identify the association between satisfaction with one’s supervisor and employee engagement.

All essential ethical considerations were taken into account throughout the study. Overall, 77 participants were enrolled in the current study which comprised 52% females and 48% males. The majority of the participants were between 21 and 39 years of age.

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1. Introduction
Background and Significance of the Research
Definition of Terms
Employee Engagement
Leader-Member Exchange
Problem Statement
Purpose of the Study

2. Literature Review
Employee Engagement
Satisfaction with Supervisor and Leader-Member Exchange (LMX)
LMX and Employee Engagement
Psycho-social Safety Climate Model
Elements that Cause Employee Disengagement
New Practices and Work Paradigm for Supervisors
Gaps in Literature
Theoretical Framework
Research Question and Hypothesis

3. Methodology
Philosophical Basis
Research Design
Study Population and Setting
Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
Sample and Sampling Strategy
Data Collection Tool
Data Collection Process
Data Quality and Entry
Data Analysis
Limitation and Delimitations
Ethical Considerations

4. Results and Analysis
Methods of Analysis
Demographic Profile of the Participants
Association of LMX with UWES –Vigour
Association of LMX with UWES – Dedication
Association of LMX with UWES – Absorption
Association of LMX with Aggregated UWES

5. Discussion
Satisfaction with Supervisor and Employee Engagement
LMX and UWES-Vigour
LMX and UWES-Dedication
LMX and UWES-Absorption
Strengths of the Study
Limitation and Avenues of future research



Employee Engagement At Work Dissertation
Employee Engagement At Work Dissertation

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