Exploring Part-Time Working and Its Impacts on Work Life Balance: A Case Study of McDonald’s Restaurant UK (2012)

Part-time working is commonplace in almost every sector. Sometimes people choose part-time working option to enhance their work-life balance and sometime companies’ only offer part-time position. The reason behind companies’ choice of part-time working arrangements is the desire to enhance their ability to face market fluctuations. Especially during past few years’ economic crisis many companies struggled to survival. Even the percentage of skilled workers as part time worker increased, especially in education and health sectors.

The research is carried out to find out to what extent part-time working contribute in enhancing employees work-life balance while offering benefits to both parties (employee and employer). The research is carried out by taking McDonald’s as a case study. Semi-structure interviews were conducted with both managers and employees to understand the contribution of part-time working in enhancing employees’ work-life balance from different dimensions. The research results revealed the in case McDonald’s worker, part time working is improving work life balance.

Employees has opportunity to choose their working hours and they can increase and decrease their working hours according to their needs and requirement but employer’s showed their concern about employees short notices for job take off and sick leave problems. Most of employees are satisfied with their part time jobs and willing to work as full time worker but there are few unknown reasons (glass ceiling) which hinder promotions among part time workers. The aim of this dissertation is to investigate the part time working in UK, its advantages and disadvantages both for business and employees and its impact on work life balance. The research will meet the following objectives;

  • To explore the concept of part time working and part time work arrangement
  • To explore employer and employees perspective of part time working
  • To explore the concept of work life balance and linkage with part time working
  • To explore qualitatively the factors which affect part time working arrangement and work life balance
  • 14,000 words – 54 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for HRM students

1: Research Introduction
Research Rational
Aims and Objective
Research significance and further scope
Research structure
Research boundaries

2: Literature Review
Part- time working
Needs important and benefit of part -time working
Part time working by sector: linked profession
Part time working: opportunity for skilled workers
Part time working arrangement
System thinking
Organizational policies
Organizational culture and part time working
Feldman model of relationship between part time work and work attitude
Challenges and disadvantages of part time working employer’s perspective
Employees perspective
Work life balance
Why work life balance is important
Part time working and work life balance

3: Methodology
Case study
Collecting data
Analyzing data

4: Case Study McDonalds Corporation UK
McDonald history and background
McDonald and work life balance
Part time working in McDonald
Interview result
Manager interview question (3 Managers)
Employees interview (7 employees)

5: Analysis and Discussion

6: Conclusion and Recommendation


Part-Time Working and Work Life Balance Dissertation
Part-Time Working and Work Life Balance Dissertation

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