An Investigation into the Importance of Job Satisfaction within Multi-National Companies (2012)

Employee Job Satisfaction Dissertation– The purpose of choosing this topic is to analyze the importance of job satisfaction in Multi National Companies (MNCs). The reason to go for MNCs is the increase in the shift over of the employees for future growth. The shifting, thus, includes the satisfaction in the given job role. Through my research, I will analyze the causes and effect relationship between the employee and the factors behind job satisfaction in a given MNC.

Job satisfaction is one of most important fields of study in the subject of human resource management. This important role of job satisfaction function leads the way in assuring high level of job satisfaction among the employees. Job satisfaction function of any HR vertical of an organisation is primarily responsible for productivity of employees and the employee turnover.

Since these two aspects can make or break the organisations performance in all areas, it requires attention from top management. Job satisfaction function generally is part of the HR vertical with a clear mandate of motivating employee and continuously striving for higher employee job satisfaction through introduction of new policies and frameworks. The topic forms an integral part of organisational effectiveness and that has instigated me to choose this topic of job satisfaction.

I shall try to study the existing literature on job satisfaction and will choose multinational companies to study their varied job satisfaction strategies and make analysis. The key objectives of the chosen topic are:

  • Estimating the causes of employee attitudes.
  • Adjudging the results of positive or negative job satisfaction
  • Measuring the employee attitude
  • To assess facet-specific levels of job satisfaction
  • To measure general job satisfaction

  • 14,000 words – 50 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
The Purpose of the Study
Aim of the Study
The Objectives of the Study
Literature Review
Research Methodology

2: Literature Review
An Overview
Definitions of job satisfaction
History of job satisfaction
Hawthorne Studies
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Levels of job satisfaction
Importance of job satisfaction
Job Satisfaction: Importance to worker & organisation
Job Satisfaction: Employee’s Responsibility
Factors of job satisfaction
Intrinsic aspect of job
Working conditions
Wage and salaries
Opportunities for advancement
Company & management
Social aspect of job
Reasons of low job satisfaction
High absenteeism
High turnover
Training cost increases
Key parameters for Job Satisfaction
Influences on job satisfaction
The work itself
The impact of job satisfaction
What job satisfaction people need?
Models of job satisfaction
A Model of Facet Satisfaction
Affect theory
Dispositional theory
Two-factor theory (motivator-hygiene theory)
Alderfer’s Existence, Related and Growth Model
Fulfillment Theory
Discrepancy Theory
Equity Theory
Equity-discrepancy integration Theory
Job characteristics model
Modern method of measuring job satisfaction
Critical incidents
Personal interviews
Job enlargement
Output will increase if
Job rotation
Change of pace
Scheduled rest periods

3: Research Methodology
Research Process
Research Design
Approach of the Study
Research Strategy
Data Collection Method
Data Analysis
Case Study Research Design

4: Case Study-GE
Multinational Companies
Company Profile
Job satisfaction in GE

5: Data analysis and interpretation
Reasons for Job satisfaction or dissatisfaction

6: Conclusion and Suggestions
Six factors that influenced job satisfaction
Work standards
Fair rewards
Adequate authority



Employee Job Satisfaction Dissertation
Employee Job Satisfaction Dissertation

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