An in-depth Analysis into Staff Motivation and Team Work (2012)

Staff Motivation and Team Work Dissertation – The function of any and every organization is based on how well people can combine their efforts and imaginations to achieve the shared goal. The shared goal is the ultimate objective that the organization intends to achieve. On the face of this, it appears to be a very easy task. However, when put into practice this can be at time an over bearing exercise. The major question that an organization faces is how to create a team that can make the most of the available resource to full effect.

The foremost challenge is to channelize the resources and streamline them to maximum. As change is happening quickly, it demands persons and teams to be bendable to act in response to these alterations. Teams like individuals should wisely and uniquely adapt to the powerful capacities that the human possesses. A wide-ranging solution cannot be prescribed for a problem, and more so, as problems and challenges arises within the team, it either leaves the team stronger or it simply tears them apart.

Even with the most excellent strategy in place with everything aligned properly, an organization will only be effective if all the members are motivated to perform at the highest level. When the managers are effective, the outcome of the leading process is a highly motivated workforce. Therefore it can be concluded that managers are the building blocks for a strong foundation of a team. A key challenge to managers is to encourage employees to perform at the highest level. This is the essence of teamwork without which the corporate objective might not be realized.

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1 – Introduction
Understanding Organizational Dynamics
Development of Employees
A part or Apart of the team
Types of Teams

2 – Literature Review
Theories in Motivation
Hertzberg’s two factor theory
Argyris Theory of Motivation
Job Characteristic Model (JCM)
Expectancy Theory of Motivation
Equity Theory
Goal-setting Theory of Motivation
Social Cognitive Theory
Maslow’s Theory of Motivation
Stages of Team Development
Types of teams
Novice teams
Mature Teams
Intermediate teams
Factors that affect Team Building
Reliability & Cohesion
Corporate Culture reinforces Teamwork
Treating Employees as Internal Customer
Total Quality Management
Manager’s awareness of Employee Motivation
Style of Management
The consequences of a Fractured Team
Employees enhance Customer Relationship Management
Recognizing the Employee’s Efforts
Nature of the Retail Industry

3 – Research Methodology
Objectives of Research
Research Motivation
Uncertainty in Research
Employing Exploratory Research
Qualitative vs. Quantitative Researches
Phenomenological Perspective
Positivist Perspective
Primary Data
Secondary Data
Principles for Conduction a Successful Research
Interviews as a Data Collection tool

4 – Findings and Analysis

5 – Recommendations and Conclusions
Proposal for Future Research



Staff Motivation and Team Work Dissertation
Staff Motivation and Team Work Dissertation

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