An Analysis into Workforce Motivation within the UK Clothing Industry (2012)

Workforce Motivation within the UK Clothing Industry Dissertation – Organizations and businesses strive for improved quality and performance of their goods, services, and operations. The reasons for this struggle can be different depending on the aims that organizations have set. One important strategy to reach higher development and goals is motivation. A motivated employ can produce effectiveness and higher quality of work, which means that motivation acts as the key factor for progress of businesses and organizations. Therefore, a profound knowledge of motivation is essential for development and success.

The key purpose of the current research is to identify the impact of workforce motivation on productivity of organization in the clothing industry of the UK. Motivation is a phenomenon that is influenced by cultural, individual, ethnic and historical factors. Motivated employees make a greater effort to perform their job than those without motivation. Positive feedback and recognition in other forms is most powerful ways of providing positive reinforcement to enhance the level of performance. Positive feedback cost little or nothing and can be given to employees when motivation has its highest impact.

The most important objective is to know that what’s important that needs reinforcement of employees for better performance. The most important outcomes of positive feedback or other motivating actions include delivery of excellent service, teaching others to perform their jobs, producing high quality work, volunteering for special assignments, taking initiatives, solving problems, providing backup coverage to others, meeting deadlines, and meeting to exceeding goals. Research questions of the current study are as follows:

  • Is employee motivation really necessary for productivity of organizations?
  • What motivational strategy could be used by the organizations in the clothing industry to enhance the employee satisfaction and productivity?

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1 – Introduction
Problem Statement
Research Rationale
Significance of Research
Research Questions
Research Aims
Research Objectives
Research Hypothesis
Overview of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Motivational Theories
Content Theories of Motivation
Need Hierarchy Theory
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Theory X and Theory Y
Two Factor Theory
Motivator Factors
Hygiene Factors
McClelland’s Theory of Needs
Thematic Appreciation Test
Process Theories of Motivation
Goal Setting Theory
Equity Theory
Expectancy Theory
Productivity of Organizations
Importance of Motivation for Productivity
Employees Attitude, Moral and Job Satisfaction in Relation to Motivation
Clothing Industry of the UK

3 – Research Methodology
Purpose of the Research
Research Paradigm
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Variables of the Research
Description of Variables
Dependent Variables
Independent variables
Career Advancement
Job Security
Good Wages
Data collection
Research Population
Data Analysis Technique
Reliability, Validity and Generalizability of Data

4 – Findings and Results

5 – Analysis / Discussion of Findings
Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Literature Review
Motivation Concept and Definitions
Motivational Factors
Motivation Theories
Productivity of Workforce
Importance of Workforce Motivation for Productivity
Employee Attitude, Moral and Job Satisfaction in Relation to Motivation
Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Questionnaire Survey
Work Experience and Motivation
Clear Job Description and Motivation
Opportunities of Career Growth and Workforce Motivation
Positive Changes in Organization and Motivation
Training Opportunities and Motivation
Clear Communication about Compensation Policies, Philosophies and Procedures and Motivation
Comfortable and Pleasant Work Environment and Motivation
Competitive Salary and Motivation
Satisfaction with Job Expectations and Motivation
Reward and Motivation
Job Security and Motivation

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations



Workforce Motivation within the UK Clothing Industry Dissertation
Workforce Motivation within the UK Clothing Industry Dissertation

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