An Investigation into Employee Retention and Commitment through the Deployment of Best HR Practice (2012)

Employee Retention and Commitment Dissertation – Human Resource Management is a dependable and productive approach towards the management of employees who are ‘valued assets’ to the organisation. And managing resourceful humans requires a constant balancing between meeting the human aspirations of the people and meeting the strategic and financial needs of the business. Hence linking the HRM more explicitly to the strategic goals to improve the business and foster innovation and flexibility, thus serves the overall purpose.

Through best possible use and application of HR policies in the organisation, commitment can be encouraged thus leading to better performance, improve staff attitude and lower labour turnover, this is the ideal aim of the human resource practices which has been argued to neglect the fact that HR specialists and line managers have a major impact on how these HR policies are implemented at the hotels and whether all the HR practices are universally applicable.

Human resource management is the techniques businesses incorporate to maintain an effective workforce and to meet operational requirements. It is the organisational function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, administration, organisation development, employee motivation, wellness, benefits, safety, communication, performance management, and training. Human resource practices implemented in an organisation are used for recruitment, selection; training and development, reward management, performance appraisal etc.

Human Resource Management strategically manages people and work place environment and culture. Effective HRM practices enable employees to contribute effectively and productively towards the attainment of the organisation’s goals and objectives and facilitates overall company mission.

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1. Introduction
UK Hotels to Be Researched

2. Literature Review
Philosophy of Human Resource Management
HR Practices
Recruitment and Selection
Performance Appraisal
Reward Management
Training and Development
Traditional and Recent HR Practices in Hospitality Industry
Some Models of HRM
The Harvard Model
The Michigan model
Guest comparative model
Employee Commitment

3. Research methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Aim
Research Strategy
Research Design
Data Type and Source
Secondary Data
Primary data

4. Analysis
Data Collection
Data analysis
Reliability, Validity and Generalisability of Research
Ethical Aspects of Research

5. Discussion

6. Conclusion


Appendix Section

Employee Retention and Commitment Dissertation
Employee Retention and Commitment Dissertation

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