A Study into Various Methods Used To Achieve Employee Productivity in UK Non Profit Organisations (2013)

Employee Productivity in UK Non Profit Organisations Dissertation – The primary aim of this dissertation is to research into why the productivity in the non profit Organisations is low in spite of having enough employees. The researcher was interested to find out if the Organisation is responsible for causing employees to work lesser that their abilities or is it something from the employees’ part. Research was conducted within five random non profit Organisations. Fifty-three questionnaires were completed and ten interviews were conducted, which allowed the researcher to discover the factors behind why the employees productivity is low.

The factors Employees’ behavior and the surroundings that influence the employee productivity were explored in order to address the objectives of this study. The research approach taken in order to address this was an inductive perspective. This was necessary as the researcher aimed to explore a new angle on the issue of lesser employee productivity in a new creative way. Throughout this entire dissertation key links have been made between recent literature and the findings of this study. The findings indicate that the Organisations need to improve their strategies to meet the employees’ expectations.

It was surprising to find that a lot of minute factors unrelated to the work environment have proven to account for a lesser productivity outcome. It should not be assumed that the Organisations are at fault, it was found that attitude of the Organisations do play a major factor in elevating the employees morale and motivation to do more and achieve higher in their filed with all the limitations they have.

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1. Introduction
Research Aim
Research Topic
Justification of research topic
Design of research project

2. Literature Review
Factors affecting Productivity in NPOs
Employee-Organisation Relationship
Job Satisfaction
Work Stress and Environment
Ways to Improve Employee-Organisation Relationship
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
McClelland’s Theory
Supportive Feedback
Other factors
Employee Motivation
Employee Commitment
Morale Boosting

3. Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Data Collection Methods
Reflection, validity and reflection
Ethical Considerations

4.0 Analysis of Results
Work Environment
Recognition or Rewards
Supportive Feedback
Motivations and Commitment

5. Conclusion
Suggestions for Organisations
Suggestions by Employees
Business Recommendation
Areas for Further Research
Personal Reflection


Appendix Section

Employee Productivity UK Non Profit Dissertation
Employee Productivity UK Non Profit Dissertation

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