What are the Major Motivational Challenges Faced by Senior Management? A Case Study of Marks and Spencer (2013)

The objective of this dissertation is to identify the motivational challenges which are faced by managers working for Marks & Spencer. The motivational challenges are among some of the most important considerations faced by senior managers working in dynamic working environments. The need of employee motivation has gained significant importance over the last few decades. Staff motivation is a process or organisational activity which is initiated in order to achieve the specific performances of the employees and it also help to direct the efforts of the organisational employees towards achievement of desirable goals.

Management teams operating within successful companies have realised that employee motivation and satisfaction is an essential factor for the success of any organisation. Employees are pivotal in helping companies to become competitive and successful; therefore increasing and maintaining the motivational levels of employees is an essential business requirement. In order to undertake this study, the researcher has used both primary and secondary data collection methods. The primary data was collected with the help of interview and survey method.

In order to collect secondary data, the investigator has consulted various books and academic journals. The researcher has arranged an interview with the store manager of Marks & Spencer in order to collect the first hand information. The questionnaire survey was conducted with the employees who are involved in the store operations of Marks & Spencer. The research findings show that staff motivation is very crucial for the organisations operating in the modern business world and it can create a significant impact on the overall business performance and various organisational outcomes.

The research outcomes shows that motivational challenges are important for the modern managers because motivated workers are more productive and helpful for the management in order to achieve the desired targets and business objectives. The main objectives of the HRM dissertation are;

  • To evaluate the importance of having a sound understanding of issues relating to store employee motivation
  • To assess and discuss the nature of challenges that managers of M&S face in the process of motivating their store employees
  • To develop an understanding that how demotivated employees can negatively affect the performance and repute of M&S
  • 15,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Research Aims and Objectives
Research Questions
Rationale of the Topic
Structure of Dissertation

2: Literature Review
Understanding the Employee Needs
Theories of Motivation
Staff Motivation and Company’s Profitability
Motivational Strategies
Key To Lead and Motivate People
Role of HR Department in Staff Motivation

3: Research Methodology
Research Approaches
Data Collection Methods
Questionnaire Survey
Research Limitations
Ethical Considerations

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Questionnaire
Analysis of Interview

5: Final Conclusion


Appendix Section

Motivational Challenges at Marks and Spencer Dissertation
Motivational Challenges at Marks and Spencer Dissertation

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