An Investigation into Key Factors Affecting Employee Productivity within the UK Banking Sector. A Case Study of Lloyds Bank (2013)

Employee Satisfaction and Productivity Dissertation – This final year dissertation investigates key factors which can affect the productivity level of the employees within the UK banking sector. In today’s modern business world, the importance, pressures and emphasis on employee productivity has significantly increased. With increasing competition, changing global business patterns and ever-changing customer needs organisations need to employ a highly skilled workforce which is productive and can generate effective business results by utilising available resources?

Many organisations are also focused on identifying the factors which can help to enhance the productivity of employees and improve the overall organisational performance, resulting in higher profitability. This dissertation is based on Lloyds Bank which is a well known bank in the UK and it provides a range of banking and financial services to its clients. The researcher has used both primary and secondary data sources in order to collect the data for research analysis. The primary data was collected through the survey and interview and secondary data was collected through the academic journals, books and articles.

The researcher has conducted the questionnaire survey with the employees working in Central London Branch of Lloyds Bank and interview was arranged with the branch manager of the bank. The research outcomes show that there are lots of factors including motivational strategies of the organisation, workplace environment and manager’s attitude and behaviour which can affect the productivity level of employees working in the banking sector. The research findings also show that productive employees are very helpful in improving the overall performance of the organisation.

The dissertation used as a basis for investigating the level of implementation of productivity tools which can be used by the management of any bank. The main objectives of this study are to make people aware about the importance of human capital in an organisation and the importance of retaining them. The objective of the dissertation is to;

  • To find out the factors influencing employee satisfaction in an organisation
  • To study the role of communication in ensuring employee satisfaction
  • To examine how employee productivity can help to ensure desired level of profitability
  • 15,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good in analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Rationale of Study
Statement of Problem
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Dissertation Structure

2: Literature Review
Factors Affecting Employees Productivity
Employees Productivity and Business Profitability
Ways to Improve Staff Productivity
Employee Motivation and Staff Productivity

3: Research Methodology
Research Philosophies
Research Approach
Data Collection Methods
Questionnaire Survey
Limitations of the Research
Summary and Conclusion

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Survey
Analysis of Interview

5: Conclusion and Recommendations


Appendix Section
Survey Questionnaire

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