An Assessment into the Effectiveness of Reward Strategy Practices at Toyota UK (2013)

The purpose of this dissertation is to evaluate the effectiveness of reward strategy of Toyota and to determine the impact of reward strategies on employee motivation at Toyota. The focus of this research is employees of Toyota Company who are working at different levels within the organization. The researcher will be mainly focusing the middle and lower management of Toyota Company because top management of the organization is mostly involved in defining the organizational policies.

The reward strategies formulated by the senior management are very important to enhance the team member’s satisfaction. In the modern business environment, organizations have realized the importance of having quality employees on their payroll and senior management of successful companies are giving enough consideration to the human resource related issues but still many organizations are lacking in defining the systemic way of evaluating that how well the particular reward system will perform.

Some smaller organizations where human resource management system is not very much effective it is quite difficult to link the HR strategy with the organizational strategy which is helpful in achieving the desired targets. To achieve the organizational goals successfully, the HR strategy of the company should support the business strategy of the organization. This will be helpful in defining a reward strategy which will create a favorable situation for all the stakeholders involved in the whole process. The objectives of this HRM dissertation are as follows;

  • To determine the impact of effective reward strategies on organizational success
  • To identify the link between reward system and organizational performance
  • To identify the impact of reward strategies on employees motivation
  • To determine the effect of reward strategies on Toyota productivity
  • To determine the satisfaction level of team members of Toyota with the current organizational reward strategy
  • 15,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Purpose of Study
Research Objectives
Reward Strategy

2: Literature Review
Reward Management System a Brief Overview
Reward Strategies and HR Functions
Issues in Defining a Reward Strategy
Impact of an Effective Reward Management System
Reward Strategy and Current Economic Trends
Reward Management System and Organization
Employee Compensation and Benefits
Performance Appraisal
Reward Strategy of Toyota

3: Methodology
Research Objectives
Structure of the Research
Data Collection Approach
Data Collection

4: Final Results
Analysis of Questionnaire
Analysis of the Interview

5: Final Conclusions

Appendix Section

Reward Strategy Practices at Toyota UK Dissertation
Reward Strategies Practices at Toyota UK Dissertation

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