Impact of Employee Turnover on Organisational Profitability. A Study of Pizza Hut (2013)

Impact of Employee Turnover on Organisational Profitability Dissertation – This final year dissertation focuses on determining the impact of employee turnover on the profitability of an organisation. Employee turnover is a very serious consideration for management of different organisations all around the globe because it hurts the overall performance of the firm significantly and creates operational problems for the businesses which ultimately results in low productivity.

Research shows that financial loss of the organisation due to employee turnover results in low profitability. The cost associated with recruiting, selecting and training of the new staff members impact the bottom line of the company negatively, therefore, the senior leadership of modern companies are emphasizing on improving the motivation level of the staff members. This is not only helpful in reducing staff member’s turnover but also help to achieve better productivity of the organisation.

The consequences of high employee turnover are significant; therefore, the motivation level of the team members is crucial for the organisation so that they can concentrate on the work and do not search the alternative job opportunities. In this study, the researcher has focused on using both primary and secondary data methods of collecting the information. In order to determine the perceptions of the staff members regarding employee turnover, the researcher has used the questionnaire survey which is an important method of collecting the primary data.

An interview was also arranged with the store manager of Pizza Hut to identify their point of views about employee turnover and analyze the Pizza Hut management strategies to control staff member’s turnover rate. The impact of staff member’s turnover on the clients and other stakeholders of the organisation is also a focus for this dissertation study. The dissertation objectives are;

To identify that how high turnover rate can create an impact on the operational efficiency of the firm
To determine the reasons of staff member’s turnover and it’s affects on the organisational outcomes
To determine the link between high employee turnover and low profitability of the firm

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1: Introduction
Research Background
Company Background
Research Objectives
Research Questions

2: Literature Review
Employee Turnover and Organisational Profitability
Cost of Employee Turnover to Organisations
Types of Employee Turnover
Strategies to Minimize Employee Turnover
Theories of Employee Turnover
Causes of Employee Turnover
Globalization and Employee Turnover

3: Methodology
Research Approach
Data Collection Approach
Data Collection Methods
Research Rationale

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Analysis of Questionnaire
Analysis of the Interview

5: Conclusions and Recommendations


Appendix Section

Impact of Employee Turnover on Organisational Profitability Dissertation
Impact of Employee Turnover on Organisational Profitability Dissertation

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