What Are The Challenges Faced By Managers When Employee Motivation Levels Become An Issue? A Study of Westminster Care Homes (2013)

Employee Motivation Levels Dissertation – Employee motivation is an important HR concept and it is crucial for the business success of all types of organizations operating in different industries. Research shows the employee motivation is an important requirement for the organizations operating in the era of intense competition. This research helps to enhance the understanding regarding the importance of staff motivation in the health care industry.

The managerial challenges related to employee motivation in the health care industry requires organizations to formulate effective strategies and deploy best available resources in order to ensure that people working in the health care organization are motivated and ready to perform according to the management expectations. Staff motivation is an important area of discussion for many scholars and business leaders all around the world.

According to scholars motivation is crucial for all types of organization and no company in the present business can ignore the importance of motivation as many researchers consider it as an important mean of achieving the improved business related outcomes. Many researchers believe that during the financial crisis time, staff motivation can help an organisation to maintain its market share. This is equally important for profit and non-profit firms. If we consider the business operations of the health care organizations, it is usually considered as a very sensitive business.

The reason behind this is it involves treatment of the patients and the main stream customers are usually the people which are already in trouble and required intense focus of the employees which are working in the healthcare center and providing them treatment in order to ensure their satisfaction. There is no doubt on the fact that client satisfaction is important for all the firms but it is particularly important for the organizations operating in the health care industry.

Dissertation objectives;

  • To identify the link between employee motivation and improved services of the staff members dealing with the patients in the health care industry
  • To identify the impact of staff motivation on the satisfaction level of the patients
  • To evaluate the role of employee motivation in achieving competitive advantage
  • 15,000 words – 56 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good in analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1: Introduction
Study Background
Company Background
Research Objectives
Research Questions

2: Literature Review
Strategies to Improve Staff Motivation
Issues in Ensuring Staff Motivation in Healthcare
Challenges in the Health Care Industry
Motivational Theory: Maslow’s Model
Three Components of Motivation
Importance of Incentives and Motivation for Healthcare Workers

3: Research Methodology
Research Approach
Data Collection Methods
Research Rationale
Questionnaire Survey
Sample Size and Data Analysis
Ethical Considerations

4: Presentation of Results
Analysis of Survey
Analysis of Interview

5: Discussion of Results

6: Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Survey Questionnaire

Employee Motivation Levels Dissertation
Employee Motivation Levels Dissertation

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