An Exploration into Recruitment and Selection Practices. A Case Study of ASDA (2013)

Recruitment and Selection Practices Dissertation – Recruitment and selection is the most important part of the HR planning of the firm and can assist the management in order to achieve competitive advantage over the competitors by ensuring the availability of high performing individuals. The recruitment and selection function not only hires the high quality individuals to achieve business objectives but also creates a pool of candidates which are readily available to take up the business challenges.

The recruitment activities are also helpful in selecting the high profile individuals for the firm. By realizing the increasing importance of recruitment and selection function of the firm and its direct link with the organization’s objectives, the researcher has selected this topic. Another important reason which motivates the researcher to select this particular topic is that there are few researches which are focused on the implementation of recruitment strategies in the retail industry.

This dissertation will provide a broader perspective about the recruitment and selection function and importance of effective implementation of the recruitment strategies. The purpose of the dissertation is to discuss the recruitment and selection practices at ASDA. It is a fact that recruitment and selection activities of the firm have a significant impact on the business outcomes and organizational performance. Effective recruitment and selection activities results in improved profitability of the firm and it also provides several other benefits to the organization.

The management of the organization can ensure the availability of high caliber individuals by deploying effective recruitment strategies. The researcher intends to identify the outcomes of the recruitment activities of the firm through this study. This study will also help to analyze that how recruitment activities can create an impact on the customer satisfaction, employee turnover and staff motivation.

Dissertation objectives;

  • To analyze the process of recruitment and selection at ASDA
  • To find the strengths of recruitment and selection practices at ASDA
  • To find the weaknesses of recruitment and selection practices at ASDA
  • To suggest solutions for improving recruitment and selection practices at ASDA
  • 18,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes interview questions
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1: Introduction
Problem Discussion
The Company Profile
Problem Discussion at the Case Company
Purpose of the Study
Research Objectives
Significance of the Study
Structure of Dissertation

2: Literature Review
Link between Recruitment and Organizational Profitability
Recruitment Activities and Employee Retention
Recruitment and Selection Process
Management Objectives of Recruitment
Recruitment, Selection and Sustainable Business Development
Conceptual Framework
Recruitment and Selection
Employee outcome, job satisfaction and motivation
Customer’s outcome, satisfaction and loyalties
Company performance, brand image and profitability
Research Implications

3: Research Methodology
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Research Design
Research Methods

4: Research Findings and Analysis
Profile of Main Subjects and Respondents
Main Findings of the Interviews

5: Conclusions and Recommendations
Brief Summary of Dissertation
Research Recommendations
Research Limitations


Appendix Section
Interview Questions

Recruitment and Selection Practices Dissertation
Recruitment and Selection Practices Dissertation

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