Motivational Strategies Deployed by Vodafone UK (2014)

Employees play a pivotal role in the success of organisational performance and therefore it is vital to make sure that they are provided with high job satisfaction. In order to keep them active at workplace and get the work going perfectly, it is important to apply all the best motivational strategies in order to enhance the performance at workplace and bring the positive results. These days’ organisations are working on the quality of items which are produced as there is tough competition in the global markets.

Organisations can easily be driven out of the market if they lack effort in any of those areas where commitment is required from the employees. It is important for the organisation to realise that the employees are the important people who can make huge contribution in improving the company’s quality of services. The employees are highly involved in every area of the business which includes improving the levels of communication, increasing the production levels of an organisation, satisfying the clients who are using the services of an organisation or are purchasing their products.

It is found that employees, who make effort in their work and are considered as dedicated towards the performance of their job, are considered as the best ones by the employer. They can easily secure their job and the sense of motivation develops within them which allow them to feel relaxed while handling the pressure. This can also benefit the employees by getting some extra rewards beside their basic job. The aims of research are to make you understand clearly the concepts of motivation and how the employees are motivated in an organisation. It will analyse the strategies which are being implied in an organisation to keep the employees motivated. There are some of the objectives which are required to be followed;

  • Understanding of motivational perspectives
  • Studying the strategies which are being applied in order to motivate individuals
  • Review of literature related to the motivational strategies
  • Evaluation of the strategies which are being applied by Vodafone in order to keep the employees motivated in UK
  • Understanding of the troubles which were handled by Vodafone in the motivation of diverse workforce
  • Proposal of the recommendations to the managers of Vodafone to motivate the employees effectively
  • 11,000 words – 60 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
About Vodafone
Research Aims
Research Questions
Research Scope

2 – Literature Review
Training, Developments and Employee Motivation
Motivational Strategies Applied By Vodafone UK
Staff Motivational Strategies
Self-Motivation Plans
Monetary Versus Non-Monetary Rewards
Non-Monetary Incentives Adopted By Organisations
Monetary Incentives
Flexibility in Working Environments

3 – Motivation Measures
Brief Overview
Why Measurement Is Important?
History of Motivation Measurement
Evolving Understanding of Motivation
Motivation measurements in the mid-20th century
Measures of Motivation

4 – Measuring Motivation
Deciding on the Measuring Instrument
The Personality Research Form: Pros and Cons
Advantages of a Questionnaire
Disadvantages of a Questionnaire
Questionnaire Design
Analysis of the Research

5 – Case Study Analysis and Findings
Case Study

6 – Final Conclusion


Questionnaire Survey

Motivational Strategies Deployed by Vodafone UK Dissertation
Motivational Strategies Deployed by Vodafone UK Dissertation

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