An Investigation into the Impact of Training and Rewarding of Employees on Customer Satisfaction in Health Clubs: A Case Study of Fitness First (2014)

This research dissertation is a case study based on ‘Fitness First’ health club chain, seeking to examine the impact of rewarding and training of employees on customer satisfaction. Fitness First is the market leader being the biggest chain of health clubs in the world. The name of the dissertation is “An investigation into the impact of rewarding and training of employees on customer satisfaction in health clubs. A case study of ‘Fitness First’ health club chain, London”. The goal of this project is to answer three main questions: 1) What impact does training of employees have on customer satisfaction? 2) What impact does rewarding of employees have on customer satisfaction? 3) What lessons can be learnt to improve customer satisfaction and retention in health clubs?

These questions were analysed based on the case study approach. The literature review revealed the role employees play in judging the level of customer satisfaction of a company. The way employees interact during employee customer interactions is an important factor to be considered for improving customer satisfaction. Lack of information available on the impact of training and rewarding of employees on customer satisfaction based on a particular type of company was clearly visible during the literature review. Observation was chosen to investigate the firm after considering several other methods especially due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

Two branches, X and Y of the company were studied through interviews and questionnaires to compare the findings and to confirm the results. From the findings, it was revealed that branch X had achieved a better level of customer satisfaction when compared with branch Y. This higher score in branch X was found to be linked to the type of reward system being followed in the branch. The study also found a direct impact of employee training on employee performance, thereby having a positive effect on customer satisfaction. The study also revealed various ways by which a company can retain its existing customers.

In conclusion, lessons learnt through the study apply to a wider audience and helps management to improve the level of customer satisfaction and customer retention. The study found a direct impact of rewards and training on employee performance. Training was found to improve employee abilities, knowledge and skills and rewards were found to improve the level of employee motivation in putting more effort. This dissertation further provides recommendations for management to improve the level of customer satisfaction through training and rewarding of their employees.

Dissertation aim and objectives;

  • To determine the impact of training and reward system on customer satisfaction in the organisation
  • To review extant models and theoretical frameworks related to training and reward system
  • To determine the factors associated with customer satisfaction
  • To determine the extent to which customer satisfaction have been met in the organisation
  • To develop better ways by which customer satisfaction can be improved by the organisation through training and reward system
  • 25,000 words – 96 pages in length
  • Outstanding use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Aims and Objectives
Key Aspects
Defining Training
Defining Reward
Defining Customer Satisfaction

2 – Literature Review
Defining the Focus of Literature
Need for Training
Models of Training
Analysing Training Needs
Training Design
Training Methods
On-the-job Training
Off-the-job training
Blended Training
Delivery of Training
Evaluation and Monitoring of Training
Need for Reward
Models of Reward
Customer Satisfaction
Training and Customer Satisfaction
Reward and Customer Satisfaction
Health Club
Discussion and Summary

3 – Research Methodology
Background and Significance of the Research
Research Agenda
Research Objectives
Research Questions
Quantitative Versus Qualitative Analysis
Methodology Options
Research Paradigm
Research Approach
Research Instrument
Objectivity and Bias
Anticipated Findings

4 – Analysis and Discussion
Field Findings
Management Structure
Employee Training
Employee Rewards
Customer Satisfaction and Retention
What Impact Does Training of Employees Have on Customer Satisfaction?
What Impact Does Rewarding of Employees Have on Customer Satisfaction?
What Lessons Can Be Learnt to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention in Health Clubs?

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Implication to Management
Research Limitations
Recommendations for Further Areas of Study
Summary and Conclusion


Interview Questions

Training and Rewarding Employees Dissertation
Training and Rewarding Employees Dissertation

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