Work Schedule Flexibility and Absenteeism at KFC Ireland (2013)

Causes of Absenteeism Dissertation – Absenteeism has a material effect on the bottom line of the organisation, yet few managers really understand the magnitude of the problem within the organisation. Almost one in ten workers is absent when he or she should be at work. There are considerable direct and indirect costs associated with absenteeism.

The costs arise from a variety of absence types that all cause disruption to the business, making it difficult to deploy the workforce effectively, have a profound effect on productivity, profit margins, and employee morale. Despite the high percentage of ‘sick absenteeism’, it is relatively un-policed phenomenon, with little record keeping for good and bad attendance. Absenteeism can be both linked to work and life issues, causes can include stress and burnout from added responsibility and tight schedules. For instance, KFC is trying to do more with fewer workers to save money on labour.

Notwithstanding these budget issues, personal needs and family crises are often causes of absenteeism. When employees are unhappy with their work situation (for whatever reason) and would like to leave but are unable to find an alternative work, absenteeism rates tend to increase. The effects of work schedule flexibility on absenteeism were studied with the help of primary and secondary data using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The results found an inverse relationship between availability of work schedule flexibility and absenteeism rates.

This research is important because benefits will bring more motivated employees and that means better sales, increased profits and less overhead. The other benefits would be morale outcome: better, communicative, higher functioning work environment. The research methods I’ll be using will help me investigate the following objectives:

  • Whether absenteeism is a problem in the organization and identify the causes, cost and ways of managing and controlling it cost effectively
  • Whether there is a lack of motivation in the organization
  • 12,000 words – 56 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1: Introduction
Aims and Objectives of the Research
Organisation Background

2: Literature Review
What is Absenteeism?
Causes of Absenteeism
Cost of Absenteeism
Measurement of Absenteeism
Frequency Rate
Job Satisfaction
Compressed Workweek
Motivation and Absenteeism
Maslows “Needs” Pyramid
Hawthorne Light Test
Herzberg “Two Factor” Theory
Absenteeism Management Policies
A Proposed Plan for Reducing Absenteeism
Prevention of Sick Leave
Consistent Communication of Policies

3: Methodology
Scientific Approach
Qualitative – Quantitative Method
Inductive – Deductive Approach
Data Sampling
Validity – Applicability
Quantitative Study
Qualitative Study: Semi-Structured Interviews
Interview Data
Comparison with Control Group Interviews

4: Results and Findings

5: Conclusion

6: References

Appendix Section

Causes of Absenteeism Dissertation
Causes of Absenteeism Dissertation

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