Does The Physical Work Environment Influence The Stress Levels Of Workers? (2014)

The Physical Work Environment and Stress Levels of Workers Dissertation – The phenomenon of stress in the workplace is taking its toll on the health and wealth of organizations. This is due largely to changes in the global marketplace which has led to new ways of working placing more demands on workers in terms of output. Stress has been shown to add to the cost of doing business in a number of ways, thus there is a paradigm shift by organizations to consider not just the health but overall well-being of their workforce.

This is demonstrated in the evolution of different types of stress management intervention strategies. In this research various factors within the physical environment which act as stressors were studied, and a survey conducted on agents working in a particular call centre. It was found that the physical environment plays a significant role in helping the workers cope with the demands of their jobs. There is a need for the facilities managers to strategically address the issue of workplace stress especially as it is influenced by the physical work environment.

Preliminary consideration was given to the research topic based on the researcher’s interest and experience of working within a highly demanding and multitasking role (call centre consultant) within a corporate environment. There would be a thorough examination of the word stress, an in-depth literature review of stress in the workplace, its causes and effects. The physical workplace and also its importance on the comfort, productivity and well-being of workers to the success of any organization would also be studied.

Most of the literature would be based on academic journals such as the journal of managerial psychology and the journal of facilities management to get contemporary theories and thinking on the issue of stress in the workplace, Some textbooks would also be consulted, so as to get the broader view of the risks posed and also the strategic management of workplace stress.

The data to be analysed in this piece of research work would mainly be got from workers through the information they supply by completing questionnaires which will be distributed to them. Most of the questions will be closed-ended to ensure we get specific answers that can be easily analysed using descriptive statistics. A few questions will also be asked to find out satisfaction levels and get general comments on things that workers generally would like to be done, to improve the situation in their workplace.

Dissertation objectives;

  • To examine the changing environmental needs of workers in the workplace
  • To study aspects of the work environment which constitute the physical stressors or sources of stress in the workplace
  • To suggest ways on how the facilities manager can strategically manage stress in the work place
  • 18,000 words – 76 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Aim and Objectives
Outline Research Methodology
The Call Centre Work Environment
The Image of Call Centres
Relevance of Study
Structure of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
What is Stress?
The Nature of Stress
Types of Stress (Eustress and distress)
The difference between Pressure and Stress
Management Standards
Stress in the Call Centre Industry
The Nature of Call Centre Work
Customer Contact Workers Role Stress
Perception of Stress
Stress in the Workplace (Workplace stress)
The Physical Working Environment
Sick Building Syndrome
The Indoor Environment and Productivity
The Productivity Link to Stress
Stress Prevention and Management
Stress Audit
The moral, case and economic arguments
Dealing with Stress at Work
Positive Work Environment
Stress Management Interventions
Signs of Stress

3 – Research Methodology
Review of Literature
Development of a Questionnaire
Distribution of the Questionnaire
Limitations of the Study

4 – Data Analysis and Discussion of Results
Analysis of the Survey Questionnaire
Analysis of Questionnaire Responses
Symptoms of occupational stress (physical health)
Causes of occupational stress (aspects of the physical work environment)
Physical Work Environment Exposures
Discussion of Results

5 – Conclusion and Recommendations



Physical Work Environment and Stress Levels of Workers Dissertation
The Physical Work Environment and Stress Levels of Workers Dissertation

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