Managing Workforce Diversity – An Examination of McDonald’s Workplace Diversity Strategy (2014)

Managing Workforce Diversity Dissertation – This dissertation is focused on evaluating how diversity within the workplace can be effectively managed in order to achieve desired level of performance. Managing diversity can be defined as formulating and implementing the systems that can be helpful in managing the people in a way that potential advantages of diversity are maximized and potential disadvantages are minimized. Workplaces nowadays are becoming increasingly diverse with employees from different cultures, genders, races and ethnic backgrounds are working together in order to achieve the common goals and objectives.

This increases the importance of formulating and implementing effective strategies in order to manage diversity at the workplace. Existing research highlights the importance of managing diverse workforce has been significantly increased because due to the increasing trend of globalization, the organizations are establishing their business operations in different countries of the world which requires them to recruit the employees who belong to different cultures and backgrounds, encouraging diversity is helpful for the businesses to grow and achieve the strategic competitive advantage.

Academics believes a diversified workforce is helpful in strengthening the organization which results in increased growth and improved business profitability. It is a fact that when recruiting employees from different backgrounds it provides an opportunity to the firm to understand the perspective of different types of customers.

Workforce quality can also be improved with the help of an effective diversity policy because it enables the organization to reach a larger pool of candidates who have desired skills and capabilities which are essential to fulfill the business needs. The objectives of this research are;

  • To identify the role of managing workforce diversity in achieving high level of business performance
  • To discuss the role of effective human resource management practices in managing diversity at the workplace
  • To evaluate that how the diversity related issues can affect the motivation and satisfaction level of the employees at the workplace
  • To identify that how the management of workforce diversity can be helpful in improving the coordination among the employees at the workplace?
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  • Good analysis of subject area
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1: Introduction
Company Background
Research Question
Research Objectives
Dissertation Rationale

2: Literature Review
Managing Workforce Diversity
Impact of Diversity Strategies on Business Performance
Attract the Best Talent to Contribute To Your Business
Build a Globally Competitive Workforce
Enhance Problem-Solving Efficiency
Avoid Conflicts, Increase Individual Performance and Retain Your Workforce
HRM Practices and Workforce Diversity
Ways to Manage a Diverse Workforce
Antecedents and Outcomes of Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Cultural and National Origin Diversity
Organizational Best Practices Related To Diversity
Benefits of Diversity Management
Making Use of Talents
Access to Markets and Legitimacy with Partners and Customers
Advantages through Synergy
Productive Advantages of an Inclusive Environment
Avoiding (The Costs Of) Discrimination
Strengthening Long-Term Value-Drivers
Generating Short and Medium-Term Opportunities to Improve Cash Flows
The Implementation of Diversity Management
Central Components of Diversity Management
Characteristic Elements of Diversity Management
Evaluation or Benchmarking as a Part of Diversity Management

3: Research Methodology
Research Approach
Data Collection Methods
Interview Method

4: Research Results and Findings
Interview Analysis
Key Research Outcomes

5: Final Conclusion and Recommendations



Managing Workforce Diversity Dissertation
Managing Workforce Diversity Dissertation

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