A Critical Investigation of Stress Management in Organisations: A Case Study of Adidas UK (2014)

Stress Management in Organisations Dissertation – Stress at the workplace is one of the most serious and most commonly observed reasons that leads to reduced efficiency, scaled down profits and eventually employee dissatisfaction. This stress at the workstation influences the effective performance of the employees more often than not due to their unwillingness to work and the droopy faces thereby. It not only affects the performance at the company level, but also at the individual level subsequently resulting in decreased productivity.

Studies have shown that employees who are resentful at work are generally victims of stress related to work. This affects the organizational behaviour as well as the work environment and vice versa. The acuteness of stress and the suffering induced through stress have raised manifold primarily due to the increasing competition, followed by economic crisis and negative information coverage that influence the mental condition of the employees to varying extents.

It is not that stress did not exist before, but the acuteness has ascended to the heights of affecting the productivity of employees. Because of which the bottom line figures of the financial statements of companies are being affected. The impact of work related stress now is no more limited to the individual or the employee working for that organization, but it also affects the performance of the organization largely.

The aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the effectiveness of stress management re-lated programs in an organization. To achieve this, the research would progress on the methodological approach by following the below listed objectives:

  • To identify and examine the main causes of stress at work
  • To identify the impact that job stress has on employees job performance
  • To critically examine the importance of stress management programs
  • To recommend based on the findings of this study, the most effective ways of handling stress at work
  • 15,000 words – 52 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes survey questions
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Background and Context
Aims and Objectives
Scope and Importance
Overview of Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
What is Stress?
Stress at Work
Causes of Stress
Consequences of Stress
Stress Management and its Relevance
Stress Management Models

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophies
Purpose of Research
Types of Research
Research Process and Design
Methods of Data Collections
Sampling Techniques
Research Ethics
Research Limitations

4 – Data Presentation and Analysis
Data Presentation
Data Analysis
Quantitative Analysis
Qualitative Analysis

5 – Results and Discussions
Different ways of Stress Management
The Extent to Which Research Gaps Addressed
Personal Contribution

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Evaluation of Results
Recommendations based on Evaluation
Future Work


Survey Questions

Stress Management in Organisations Dissertation
Stress Management in Organisations Dissertation

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