Contribution of Human Resources Consulting Firms to the Performance and Growth of UAE Organizations (2014)

Human Resource Consultants Dissertation – This dissertation aims at studying the contribution of human resource consultant companies in improving organizational performance and leading to growth of organizations. The report also aims identifying the challenges faced by human resource (HR) consultants in dealing with organizations in the business world. Hiring human resource consultants brings about a number of benefits for organizations as they have the expertise and knowledge of effectively utilizing the human resources of the organization.

Therefore, the contribution of human resource consultants improves the performance of the employees, the performance of the organization, increases commitment of employees towards organizational goals and improves the relationship between the management and the employees. These factors result in the overall growth of the company thereby enabling organizations to gain an edge over their competitors.

However, organizations need to thoroughly review the profile of various human resource consultants before selecting one to assist them with their human resource related activities. The survey results highlight that there are three main criteria that are mostly considered by organizations in the UAE before hiring HR consultants which are the level of commitment that HR consultants have towards the organizations hiring them; the level of experience that the HR consultants have in the industry where their client is operating; and the experience that the HR consultants have in their own field.

On the other hand, the analysis of the survey results shows that HR consultants also face three main problems while dealing with organizations in the country. These problems are that organizations adopt inflexible policies; they have a high level of resistance towards change; and they are reluctant to invest in their employees as they treat their employees as a liability instead of an asset.

  • 10,000 words – 46 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1 – Introduction

2 – Literature Review
Hiring of HR consultants in the UAE
Advantages experienced by organizations while hiring HR consultants
Disadvantages experienced by organizations while hiring HR consultants
Criteria for hiring HR consultants
Problems faced by HR consultants with UAE organizations

3 – Research Methodology
Primary Research
Secondary Research
Research Ethics

4 – Research Findings

5 – Analysis of the Research Findings
Recommendations for organizations
Recommendations for HR consultants

6 – Conclusion



Human Resource Consultants Dissertation
Human Resource Consultants Dissertation

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