Examination into the Impact of Organisational Culture on the HR Practices of Ladbrokes (2015)

Organisational Culture and HR Practices Dissertation – The objective of the study is to investigate and analyse the influence of culture on human resource management practices. The research is expected to answer the importance question: Are HRM practices influenced by national culture or not? It is generally accepted that the practices of management is considered to be universal among all industries but this research will figure out specific factors that impacts the betting industry. Betting industry is getting competitive and due to the inability of betting companies to differentiate their products, companies are striving to develop their human resources to formulate a sustainable competitive advantage.

The challenge of Human Resource Managers would be to create an environment of resilience, which can accommodate and assimilate successfully changes in systems, structures, technologies, methods, etc. People would have to ascribe the right meaning to the change process. The betting industry in the United Kingdom has seen boom over the past few years. This boom has attracted a pool of highly educated people, all of whom are vying to develop themselves hence enabling the industry to grow with them. Industries, such as betting, will be at the vanguard of economic opportunity, and United Kingdom will be poised to take advantage of this trend with its corpus of highly skilled people.

At the organisational level, the goal of HRM is normally to have competent and motivated employees to ensure managerial effectiveness and growth of the organisation. Organisations normally direct their HRM efforts towards the development of competencies and organisational culture. Organisations use mechanisms to achieve HRM goals with competent and committed employees. Organisations can achieve very little even if they have excellent technological and other resources at their command. This piece of research will look deeply to study the impact of organisational culture on the HR practices.

In the first part of the report, various variables that formulate an organisational culture are studied. Now since, each industry has different variables affecting its organisational culture. The most suitable variables that affect betting industry are studied and chosen for analysing the Ladbrokes organisational culture. The empirical evidence observed that the organisational culture of Ladbrokes profoundly impacts its HR practices. The results of the questionnaire are discussed in the Findings sections and the observations are discussed briefly in the Conclusion section.

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1: Introduction
HR Practices at Ladbrokes
Purpose of This Research
Research Objectives and Questions

2: Literature Review
Organisational Culture
HR Practices
Organisational Culture and its link to the HR Practices
Mission Statement
Communication Flow
Hierarchical Relationships
Power Distance
Reward Systems
Performance Measures
Decision Making
Organisational Routines
Peer Relationship
Office Space and Layout
Demonstrating the HR Causal Chain

3: Methodology
Research Philosophy
Qualitative and Quantitative Debate
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Qualitative research
Secondary data
Brief Overview on the Empirical Methods
Ethical Considerations

4: Finding and Analysis
Mission Statement: Importance in Ladbrokes
Communication Flow
Hierarchical Relationships and Power Distance
Reward Systems and Performance Measures
Decision Making Process
Organisational Routines
Peer Relationships and Office Layout

5: Conclusion
Impact of Mission Statement on HR Practices
Impact of Communication Flow on HR Practices
Impact of Hierarchical Relationships on HR Practices
Impact of Power Distance on HR Practices
Impact of Reward Systems and Performance Measures on HR Practices
Impact of Decision Making Process on HR Practices
Impact of Organisational Routines on HR Practices
Impact of Peer Relationships and Office Layout on HR Practices
Research Questions Answered
Limitations and Future Research



Organisational Culture and HR Practices Dissertation
Organisational Culture and HR Practices Dissertation

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