An Exploration into Motivational and Job Satisfaction Factors of Private Sector Employees in Saudi Arabia (2015)

Motivational and Job Satisfaction Factors Dissertation – In today’s highly competitive economic environment, innovative thoughts and motivated employees are vital factors to remaining ahead of competitors. Using the powers of talented people effectively, firms may achieve solid results and develop a highly productive work force. The level of performance of employees depends not merely on their real skills but also on the level of motivation each person demonstrates.

This concept is undertaken in the private sector as a profit-oriented sector. Although profits are the main goal of the private sector, there must be some kind of motivation to achieve such profits. The social and employee considerations should be taken into account in any organization. The aim of this dissertation is to explore the motivational factors of Saudi private sector’s employees. It also aims to identify factors of job satisfaction for the Saudi employees in the private sector as well as those factors that motivate the employees more than others.

Furthermore, the dissertation investigates the concept of motivation in the private sector. The review of literature also identifies the role of motivation in the private sector industry. To address the research aim and objectives a questionnaire was introduced to 250 on-site employees and middle-level managers in the Saudi private sector to appraise the motivational factors among the employees. The study findings show that Fairness (being fairly treated by employers) and Job security were the top motivational factors for the sample of the research.

Factors such as Good working conditions, opportunity to learn new skills, Chances for promotion, Health insurance and High income came in the second rank, with factors such as Important and meaningful work, Interesting work, Good relationship with peers, Good relationship with manager, Flexible working hours, Having a job in which you can help others, Contact with a lot of people, Limited job stress, Working close to home and Having more holidays all ranked as less motivational factors. The findings of this study should be seen with the context of this sample, and these results need further investigation.

Dissertation Objectives

  • To identify the levels of job satisfaction or dissatisfaction among the Saudi employees in the private sector
  • To identify the effect of personal variables on job satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • To find out the most important factors that affect Saudi employees on job satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  • To investigate the relationship between personal variables and the most important motivational and job satisfaction factors for employees
  • 20,000 words – 80 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent statistical analysis used
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1 – Introduction
Statement of the Problem
The aim of the study
Research Objectives
The research hypothesis
Significance of the research
Scope of the study
Research Methodology
Research Structure

2 – Motivation
The concept of motivation
Theories of Motivation
Traditional Approach
Human Relation approach
Human Resource approach
Contemporary Approach
Content Theories
Maslow Hierarchy of needs
Herzberg’s Motivation (Hygienic Theory)
McGregor’s (Theory X and Theory Y)
Expectancy Theory
Equity Theory
Goal Setting Theory
Reward System with Job Satisfaction
Global Factors Associated with Job Satisfaction
United Kingdom Experience
The United State of America Experience
Other relevant studies

3 – The Saudi Private Sector and its Motivation
Background of Saudi Arabia
The Saudi private sector
Employee motivation in the private and public sectors
Job satisfaction to the Saudi employees in the private sector

4 – Research Methodology
Research design
Research methods
Method and process of data collection
Secondary data
Primary data
Questionnaire survey
Pilot study
Research sample
Questionnaire distribution
Major difficulties facing the researcher in Saudi Arabia
Personal relationship and connections
Unawareness of the value of time
Sexual differentiation
Confidential data

5 – Research Findings and Analysis
General response analysis
The Reliability Test
Missing Value
Analysis of section 1 (Personal Information)
Respondents’ Gender
Respondents’ Age Groups
Education level
Current position
Respondents’ Monthly Salary
Number of dependants
Respondents’ experiences
Analysis of section 2 (Current Motivation Status and Future Strategy for the incentive system)
Fairness of the promotion system
Feedback from supervisor
Lack of employees motivation
Knowing the reward system
Analysis of section 3 (Discrepancy of the extent of motivation factors to employees)
Analysis of section 4 (Comments and Optional Information)
Further data analysis
Degree of employee satisfaction
The ranking of motivation factors
The Relationship between motivation factors and general employee satisfaction degree
The influence of personal variables on general satisfaction degree
The relation between personal variables and important motivation factors

6 – Conclusion and Recommendations
Limitations of the research
Recommendations for practice
Recommendation for further studies



Motivational and Job Satisfaction Factors Dissertation
Motivational and Job Satisfaction Factors Dissertation

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