Impact of Performance Management in Enhancing Employee Retention – A Case Study of Angus Steak House UK (2015)

Performance Management Techniques and Employee Retention Dissertation – This dissertation is aimed at exploring the ways through which strategies of performance and employees management play role in employee retention in the target group of small sized organisations especially in restaurant industry. The research is limited to Angus Steak House in the UK that helped to understand the aims of the research more easily and effectively.

The aim of the research was limited to exploring the most effective ways of performance management strategies that can be adopted and practiced by the SMEs. Several models and research findings are used to develop a well-structured questionnaire and is sent to the employees (50) of selected organization i.e. Angus Steak House. The results of the questionnaire were used to understand the employee satisfaction level, employee priorities etc.

At the same time a review was conducted to analyse various models with respect to human resource management, retention of employees and related trends and practices in small and medium restaurant industries. Suitable recommendations were framed based on the results of these findings and analysis and overall results indicate that although the SMEs showing progress towards the practice of various performance management techniques, the level of its implementation are poor and limited.

Since the cost of this research in respect of time and finances are high and the research is complicated, high-level collaboration is required from all the concerned parties. The conclusion of the research is because employee retention is highly supported when employee performance management strategies are applied within the organisation.

Dissertation Aims

  • Understanding employee retention importance
  • Evaluation of employee retention factors
  • Investigation into feasibility of performance management techniques in employee retention
  • 16,000 words – 62 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent statistical analysis used
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for international HRM students

1: Introduction
Quality Human Capital and its Advantage
Human Capital Management Importance in Employee Retention
Performance Management
SME’s and Employee Retention Program
Research Rationale
Motivating Factor of Research
Research Scope
Organization Background
The Research Question and Objectives
The research question
Research Aims
Research objectives
Research Limitations
Research Study Importance for ASH
Study Limitations

2: Literature Review
Employee Retention
Definition of Employee Retention (in view of different authors)
Importance of Employee Retention
Employee Retention and SMEs
Low Employee Retention and its Effects
Factors Influencing Employee Retention
Performance Management
Performance Management Objective
Performance Management Integration
Performance Management Process
Performance Management Cycle
Linkage of Performance Management with Employee Retention
Performance Management and Recognition
Adopting Performance Management Practices
Performnace Appraisal
Performance Appraisal Procedure
Performance Appraisal Challenges
Benefits of Performance Appraisal
Additional Factors

3: Research Methodology
Different Aspects of Research Philosophies
Positivism versus Objectivism
Deductive Approach versus Inductive Approach
Case Study / Survey Strategies
Research Methods
Qualitative Approach
Primary Research
Data Collection Methods
Primary Data
Secondary data
Data analysis
Research Ethics and Creditability
Research Ethics
Time Sphere

4: Results and Findings
To what extent employee satisfaction level achieved by Angus Steak House
To what extent is employee recognition achieved by Angus Steak House
What was impact of employee contribution?
Statistical Analysis of Results from Questionnaires
Demographic Data
Satisfactory level of the employee working at the current organisation
Desired Level of Employee’s Performance

5: Conclusions and Recommendations
The Research Question
The Problems Described in Research
The Research Format
Findings Linking to Literature
Research Question Answer
Research Scope


Performance Management Techniques and Employee Retention Dissertation
Performance Management Techniques and Employee Retention Dissertation

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