The Relationship between Performance Appraisal Process with Employee Satisfaction and Motivation (2016)

The purpose of this dissertation was to analyse the impact of performance appraisal processes on employee performance. The employee performance is determined by the job satisfaction and motivation of any employee. Performance appraisal process plays a vital role in the organization. These performance appraisal processes evaluate the performance of an employee in the organization. Based on the performance appraisal process employees working in the organization either get promotion or get demoted.

Performance appraisal processes are essential factor of every organization. These days when organizations vie for better and better positions and continuously strive for survival relying on human capital is becoming more crucial and tricky. This makes performance appraisal process complex and contingent on retaining and constantly satisfying employee’s needs.

As individual’s nature and personality differ, the performance appraisal process sometimes becomes difficult. For some employee’s monetary consequences are more important as compared to non-monetary consequences. For this purpose appraisal process is a tool to determine that how to boost employee satisfaction and motivation rate. In order to encourage employees to perform better and to inculcate zeal within them towards their professional goals, it is important to motivate them very often. A properly structured and outlined performance appraisal process has a very high motivational value.

Organizations that conduct appraisals process time to time have witnessed highly inspired and zealous employees. One of the essential Performance appraisal process objectives is to align structure goals therewith of staff performance and inspire staff to achieve those goals in the type of rewards at intervals these systems, performance assessments square measure usually joined to individual, divisional, and firm-specific goals that square measure set at the start of a year. These goals provide staff a lot of concrete perception of what’s expected from them and help to direct employees’ efforts towards the goals of the organization. At the top of the year, goal accomplishment is then reviewed and either rewarded with bonus payments or used as a basis for future promotion selections.

However, once the performance is expounded to outcomes like bonuses, pay will increase or promotions, it’s essential to live individual performance as accurately and exactly as attainable.

Dissertation objectives

  • To study the effect of performance appraisal process on job satisfaction and motivation and how it impact the productivity of employees
  • How an effective and efficient performance appraisal process can benefit organizations
  • 11,000 words – 48 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Significance and contribution of the study
Research Question

2 – Literature Review

3 – Research Methods
Research Design
Variables and Measurement
Data Collection
Response Rate
Reliability of Measures
Descriptive Analysis
Correlation and Regression

4 – Data Analysis and Results
Descriptive and Central Tendencies Analysis
Demographics Profile and Detail
Central Tendencies Measurement of Constructs
Reliability of Constructs
Correlation Analysis
Regression Analysis
Direct Path Analysis
Hypothesis Summary

5 – Discussion and Results
Demographic Analysis Discussion
Direct Relationship Analysis Discussion
Conclusion and Recommendation
Practical Implication
Research Limitation
Future Work



Performance Appraisal Process Dissertation
Performance Appraisal Process Dissertation

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