Employee Retention and Motivation Strategies in Multinational Corporations in Kuwait: A Quantitative Study Based On Motivation Theory (2016)

Employee Retention and Motivation Strategies Dissertation – It’s key to try to learn more about the reasons why employees resign. The reasons might simply be more attractive jobs elsewhere or chances for lifestyle reshapes, in which case it might be out of your hands to retain these employees. However, many people leave their jobs because they are dissatisfied with their current working situation and environment.

Hence, it has become very important for the organization to focus on HR strategies so that they can retain their talented employees within the business for a longer period of time. From the study it has been identified that for the management of Kuwait MNC to provide their employee with flexible working environment for retaining them within the business. Even there is a need for providing employees with appropriate performance appraisal from time to time for making them stay within the organization for a longer period of time.

Research even showed that retaining staff for a longer period of time within MNC of Kuwait there is a need for carrying out promotion of employees from time to time as per individual grades. It has also been identified that it will be very important for the Kuwait MNC to lay down proper planning concerning retirement planning of their employees for keeping them satisfied and retained within the organization.

The main aim of the dissertation is to understand the aspects that are important for multinational companies in Kuwait for having a verity in its employee’s structure while operating under a different culture and maintaining a certain level of employee retention and motivation. In order to undertake this thesis following are the objectives that have been formulated by the author.

  • To identify the factors that influences the employee retention among multinational companies in Kuwait
  • To understand about different motivational strategies that multinational companies of Kuwait must adopt for successfully undertaking their operations
  • To study association between demographic profile of respondent affecting various factors of retention within multinational companies of Kuwait
  • To recommend the strategies to those multinational companies of Kuwait who are not able to incorporate proper solution for motivating and retaining their employees
  • 15,000 words – 58 pages in length
  • Good use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Relevance Of This Thesis To The Country Of Kuwait
Problem Definition
Research Aim And Objectives
Research Questions
Research Methodology
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Definition Of Employee Retention And Motivation
Theories Of Employee Retention
Human Capital Theory (HCT)
Social Exchange Theory
Resource-Based View (RBV)
Price-Mueller Causal Model Of Turnover
Theories Of Motivation
Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs
Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
Alderfer’s Erg Theory
Mcclelland’s Achievement Need Theory
Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
Goal Theory
Adam’s Equity Theory
Employee Retention Management
Training And Career Development
Promotional Opportunities
Remuneration And Recognition
Work-Life Balance
Factors Of Retention And Motivation
Hypothesis Framed For The Study
Conceptual Model

3- Research Design and Methodology
Problem Statement
Research Design
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Purpose
Data Collection Instrument and Sources
Primary Data Collection
Secondary Data Collection
Studied Variables
Data Analysis Methods

4 – Data Analysis and Interpretation
Quantitative Analysis

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation



Employee Retention and Motivation Strategies Dissertation
Employee Retention and Motivation Strategies Dissertation

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