Influence of Age Discrimination Legislation Compliance on Employee Performance – A Study into the UK Hospitality Industry (2017)

This dissertation is designed to accomplish an in-depth knowledge in term of age-diversity and age discrimination in hospitality industry. Further on the issues related to the same field, the connection of age-diversity management and employee performance. In this dissertation, the author seeks to discover the principal problems of an age-diverse workforce. There will be figures and graphs to represent actual data on age demographic changes that would reinforce how it could impact on the Human resource management.

Moreover, information and knowledge from the UK Equality Act regarding of anti-discrimination concepts would be put in reviewed to answer the main topic of this dissertation. Throughout the dissertation, an employee questionnaire would be used to interview opinion from worker who is engaging in McDonald’s workplace. Consequently, calculations on frequencies and the rate of responses will help to address the aims and objectives of the study. After adapting primary and secondary knowledge, conclusions and recommendations will be given so that managers and organizations across the hospitality can refer to in order to boost employee performance to the highest level.

The importance of this study has been based on the essential of workforce diversity in general and age diversity in specific, diversity would lead to a synergistic and collaborative performance of employees when enterprises know how to accept and treasure the unique differences among each individual by taking viewpoints from every worker.

Academic argue that colleagues of an assorted workforce would have an ability to adjust problems, and their ideal arrangement from different points of view, so as to find out and create integrated standards of communication between colleagues. Today, many organizations have embraced different novelties to manage workforce diversity as a vital method to enhance the capability of effective diverse workforce groups with the compliance based on the Equality Act in UK. Likewise, some noticeable academic research has illustrated that diversity can enrich outcome and performance of the employee and business when it is appropriately administered.

Dissertation objectives

  • To investigate an age-diverse working environment and equalities for employee from different age groups in hospitality industry
  • To examine the diversity management strategies that McDonald’s would apply in order to increase employee performance
  • To learn about the relationship between UK’s employment laws and employee effectiveness
  • 12,000 words – 68 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Includes questionnaire
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Background of the Study
Organizational Background
Case Study – McDonald’s Corporation
Rationale for Chosen Topic
Purpose for Undertaking Topic
Statement of the Problem
Research Questions
Research Aims
Research Objectives
Significance of the Study
Structure of the Dissertation

2 – Literature Review
Workforce Diversity in the Hospitality Industry
Age Diversity
Employee Performance
Managing Age Diversity In Hospitality Industry
Age Discrimination
The Equality Act in the UK

3 – Methodology
Research Methods
Quantitative Methods
Qualitative Methods
Mixed Methods
Research Approach
Research Design
Research Strategy
Data Collection
Sample Size

4 – Analysis and Findings
Primary Data Collected
Secondary Data Collected

5 – Recommendations and Conclusions



Age Discrimination Legislation in UK Hospitality Dissertation
Age Discrimination Legislation in UK Hospitality Dissertation

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