Addressing Gender Discrimination in the Workplace (2019)

Gender equality in workplaces should be a priority for all employers and employees. However, in some instances, gender discrimination has been witnessed, depicted in various forms including a pay gap, training and development, management roles, promotions, leave, pregnancies and hiring of the employees. In this regard, the primary study sought to provide the best checklist for the possible mitigation of gender discrimination in workplaces.

In order to conduct this study, a secondary research design was adopted, were secondary data was collected from journal articles, websites and databases. Through the qualitative research, data collection and analysis, it was important to establish that several lawsuits have been filed by various parties against companies, which justify the need for the adoption of a checklist on how gender discrimination in the workplaces.

The developed checklist include strategies on mitigating gender discrimination in gender pay gap, safety, health and welfare, hiring, training and development, and leadership styles, management roles and promotions. Thus, with the checklist provided in this study, it is envisaged that its adoption will provide the best strategies for the Human Resource Departments, managers and any employer to ensure that organizational culture, policies and systems are focused on eliminating any form of gender discrimination in the workplace.

Research questions

  • What are the indications and strategies to identify and prove gender discrimination in a workplace?
  • What are existing strategies that Human Resource (HR) Managers use to deal with the gender discrimination issue in workplace?
  • How is gender discrimination impacting on the work of employees and HR in workplaces?
  • How can a workplace culture and environment be improved through employing best practices to address gender discrimination issues?
  • 12,000 words – 44 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Excellent analysis of subject area
  • Well written throughout
  • Ideal for HRM students

1 – Introduction
Research background
Rationale of the Study
Research Objective
Research Questions
Main Research Question
Subsequent Study Questions

2 – Literature Review
Brief Overview of Gender Discrimination
Workplace Discrimination
Gender Discrimination in Workplaces
Glass Escalator
Impacts of Discrimination in Workplaces

3 – Methodology
Qualitative Research
Secondary Research
Case Studies and the Analytical Views on the Case Studies
Data Collection
Data Analysis

4 – Results and Analysis
Human Resource Practice Checklist That Can Be Used In Solving Issues of Gender Discrimination in A Work Place
Best Practice Guide for Human Resource (HR) Managers to Mitigate Gender Discrimination in Workplaces
Mitigation of Gender Pay Gap in Workplaces
Training and Development
Safety, Health and Welfare Policies
Sexualisation of the Workplace
Leadership Styles, Promotions and Management Roles

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation



Gender Discrimination in Workplaces Dissertation
Gender Discrimination in Workplaces Dissertation

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