An Investigation of Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Front-Line Employees within the Hotel Industry (2018)

Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction Dissertation – Hospitality is widely known to have an unhealthy level of turnover, which has been a topic of debate for many researchers to this date. It is important that employees are satisfied in order for management to retain employees. The aim of this research project is to investigate the main factors affecting job satisfaction of frontline employees in hospitality today. In order to achieve this, four objectives will be addressed and analysed.

A wide range of literature from academic books, reports and online journal articles has been reviewed and analysed to identify research gaps. From these research gaps, primary research was carried out involving qualitative data collection with in-depth interviews. The main research findings show that motivational leadership, organisational support and a healthy work-life balance (WLB) are key to improve employee’s job satisfaction in hospitality.

There were some gender differences between the importance of a healthy WLB. Other factors such as stress and emotional labour were mentioned but these were not so substantial. Some recommendations for future researchers included further investigation on alcohol abuse for male frontline employees and investigating differences between chain hotels versus smaller hotel businesses.

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1 – Introduction
Rationale and Context Setting
Aims and objectives

2 – Literature Review
Improving job satisfaction
Organisational Support Theory
Work-life Balance
Work-life Balance revised
Stress and emotional labour (EL)
Positive impacts of emotional labour
Emotional labour and WLB
Leadership strategies
Transformational leadership style effects employee well-being
Opportunity for career progression

3 – Methodology
Primary or secondary data
Research philosophies: Interpretivism or Positivism
Qualitative or Quantitative
Deductive versus Inductive
Data collection methods
In-depth interviews
Sample technique and size
Pilot Survey
Conducting interviews
Ethical Considerations

4: Results and Discussions
The nature of hospitality
Work-life balance (WLB)
Organisational Support
Emotional labour
Improving WLB
Career progression

5: Conclusions and Recommendations
Evaluation of the Aims and Objectives
Recommendations for future research



Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction Dissertation
Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction Dissertation

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