Analysis Of Performance Management Approaches for Improving Employee Retention – A Study of Grand Mart Group Qatar (2020)

Performance Management Approaches Dissertation – Performance measurement is a useful tool for the organizations in identifying the strength and weakness of their employees. The aim of this research is to define the performance management system and its impact on the performance of the employees. The main focus of the research is on Grand Mart Group Qatar and the tools which they used for measuring the performance of their employees.

For this research positivism approach has been used and as the research study survey and ethnography is used by the researcher. The data is gathered by both the primary and secondary resources, primary data is gathered with the help of questionnaire analysis and interview.

The survey was conducted form 100 employees and the interview was conducted by five managers. From the data gathered it is quite evident that performance management tool has a significant impact on the performance of the employees. Especially talking about the employees of the Grand Mart Group Qatar the company uses performance management tools like balance score card and 360-degree feedback.

Dissertation Objectives

  • Critically review Performance management approaches using 360-degree feedback and balanced scorecard
  • To review employee retention and role effective performance management can play in reducing it
  • To identify the application of one of the appropriate performance management approaches to the case study organisation for improving employee retention
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  • Includes questionnaire
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1 – Introduction
Backgound of Study
Key Research Objectives
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Performance Management
Performance Management Approaches
360-Degree Feedback
Balance Scorecard
Employee Retention
Employee Retention Strategies
Talent Management
Reward Theory
Employee Motivation
Herzberg’s Theory
Theory Of Reasoned Action
Link Between PM Approaches And Employee Retention
Talent Attraction
Challenges Faced By The Organization In Managing Performance
Empirical Studies On Performance Management And Employee Retention
PM Approached Used By Organizations In Qatar
Research Gap

3 – Research Methodology
Research Onion Model
Philosophy Of Research
Strategy Of The Research
Type Of Research
Research Design
Research Approach
Data Source
Population For The Research
Sampling Technique
Research Instrument
Data Analysis
Variable Description
Dependent And Independent Variable

4 – Data Analysis
Response Rate
Questionnaire Analysis
Interview Analysis
Key Points From Findings In Light With Literature

5 – Conclusion
Summary Of Findings
Critically Review Performance Management Approaches Using 360-Degree Feedback And Balanced Scorecard
To Review Employee Retention And Role Effective Performance Management Can Play In Reducing It
To Identify The Application Of One Of The Appropriate Performance Management Approaches To The Case Study Organisation For Improving Employee Retention
Areas For Future Research



Performance Management Approaches Dissertation
Performance Management Approaches Dissertation

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