Analysis Into the Impact of International Employee Turnover on Business Performance of Aldi UK (2021)

The primary objective of this research is to examine the impact of international employee turnover on the business performance of an organisation. In the present era, high employee turnover has emerged as a significant issue for businesses. Moreover, there are several reasons why employees believe that they should no longer continue working for the organisation. This study focuses on Aldi, a leading global chain of supermarkets that offers various discounts to its customers. Through this study, the researcher has identified the areas affected by international employee turnover.

The study collected information from various primary and secondary sources. The scholar employed a questionnaire to collect primary data, specifically from 25 managers of Aldi, using purposive sampling. Following this study, it has been concluded that a high employee turnover rate has a negative impact on the overall business performance of the organisation. Consequently, it is recommended that management should address the issue by managing workload effectively and providing various family benefits to employees in order to reduce employee turnover rates.

The aim of this dissertation is to analyse the impact of international employee turnover on the business performance of Aldi UK. By focusing on international employee turnover, the research seeks to examine how this particular aspect affects the overall performance of Aldi UK. The study aims to provide insights into the relationship between international employee turnover and various performance indicators within the organisation. Through a comprehensive analysis, the dissertation intends to shed light on the consequences and implications of international employee turnover on the business performance of Aldi UK.

Dissertation Objectives

  • Identify key factors behind employee turnover: The research aims to uncover the factors that contribute to employee turnover within Aldi. By understanding the underlying causes, the organisation can develop strategies to address and mitigate turnover.
  • Assess the link between employee turnover and business performance: The study intends to analyse the relationship between employee turnover and the overall performance of businesses, specifically focusing on Aldi. By examining this link, the research aims to determine whether high turnover rates have a negative impact on the organisation’s performance.
  • Determine strategies to lower the rate of employee turnover within Aldi: Through this research, effective strategies will be identified to reduce the rate of employee turnover within Aldi. These strategies can include initiatives such as improving employee satisfaction, enhancing workplace culture, offering competitive compensation and benefits, providing growth and development opportunities, and implementing effective employee retention programs.
  • Recommend ways to enhance Aldi’s performance by lowering employee turnover rate: Based on the findings and analysis, the study will provide recommendations to Aldi on how to enhance its overall performance by addressing and reducing employee turnover. These recommendations may include implementing specific retention strategies, improving talent acquisition processes, fostering employee engagement and motivation, and creating a supportive work environment.

By achieving these objectives, the research aims to contribute to a better understanding of the impact of employee turnover on business performance, specifically within the context of Aldi, and provide actionable recommendations to address and improve this aspect within the organisation.

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1 – Introduction
Dissertation Rationale
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Research Questions

2 – Literature Review
Introduction to Literature Review
Reasons Behind Employee Turnover
Links Between Employee Turnover and Business Performance
Strategies to Lower Down the Rate of Employee Turnover

3 – Research Methodology
Research Philosophy
Research Approach
Research Purpose
Research Strategy
Research Methods
Data Collection
Sample Selection
Data Analysis Deployed
Research Limitations
Ethical Consideration

4 – Results, Analysis and Discussion
Presentation of the Findings
Summary of the Analyses
Employees Are the Biggest Assets of An Organisation International Employee Turnover Has Emerged as Major Issue for Aldi
Old Employee Serving Period Is Higher Than Young Employees Working environment and behaviour of manager are some common factors which results in high rate of employee turnover
There Are Several Reasons Behind Employee Turnover
Participative Leadership Style Supports in Retention of Workers to A Great Extent
High Rate of Employee Turnover Affects Aldi’s Ability to Serve Its Customers
It has become very essential for organisations to always seek for the ways through which they can enhance their performance
High Employee Turnover Have Various Impact on Organisation
There are various strategies are employed by organisation for lowering down the rate of employee turnover
Exit Interviews Are Conducted in Aldi When Employees Leave the Organisation
High Rate of Employee Turnover Is Also Because Of Discrimination at Workplace
Aldi Is Required to Maintain Low Rate of International Employee Turnover in Order to Perform Better in The Future

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation
Limitations and Future Research


Survey Questionnaire

International Employee Turnover Dissertation
International Employee Turnover Dissertation

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