What Strategies Can Be Implemented to Leverage Employee Motivation, Enhance Job Satisfaction, And Strengthen Organizational Leadership in Order to Effectively Reduce the Rate of Staff Turnover at Hong Kong Airlines? (2022)

The survival, profitability, and sales growth of any organization are contingent upon its human resources, as they play a vital role in driving prosperity, fostering future economic and social development. Therefore, it is crucial for any company to ensure that they can provide proper assistance to their employees. This project aims to analyze the role of motivation, job satisfaction, and leadership in reducing staff turnover at Hong Kong Airlines. The organization was chosen due to reports indicating that the firm was facing employee-related issues.

The first chapter serves as the introduction, providing the background of the study. The second chapter focuses on reviewing the available literature, specifically studying theories related to motivation, leadership, job satisfaction, and employee turnover. The research methodology employed for this chapter follows a primary research approach, using a survey conducted among 100 employees of the firm to gain insights into the current scenario. Their responses were analyzed quantitatively using regression analysis, as well as descriptively.

The findings indicate a strong relationship between leadership, motivation, job satisfaction, and employee turnover. Consequently, this dissertation offers recommendations on how Hong Kong Airlines can improve its overall work environment and employee relations.

The primary objective of this dissertation is to understand the role of leadership within an organization and explore the factors influencing employee motivation and job satisfaction.

The dissertation objectives are as follows:

  • To examine the influence of effective leadership on employee motivation within Hong Kong Airlines
  • To assess the relationship between job satisfaction and employee turnover at Hong Kong Airlines
  • To understand the impact of benefits on employee motivation at Hong Kong Airlines

These objectives will guide the research in analyzing the specific areas of interest related to leadership, job satisfaction, and benefits, and their effects on employee motivation and turnover within the context of Hong Kong Airlines.

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1 – Introduction
Background of the firm
Research Problems
Research Questions
Research Aim
Research Objectives
Dissertation Structure

2 – Literature Review
Employee Motivation Within Organizations
Theories of Motivation
The Maslow-hierarchy of needs
Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory
McClelland – Need for Achievement, Affiliation and Power
Job Involvement
Job Satisfaction Within Organizations
Job Satisfaction Factors
Factors affecting job satisfaction
Job Content
Leadership Within Organizations
Factors Affecting Leadership
Creativity and Innovation
Social Learning
Drivers of Staff Turnover
Working Environment Factors
Staff Development and Welfare
Contextual Relationship: Impact of Employee Motivation, Leadership and Satisfaction on Staff Turnover
Research Hypotheses

3 – Research Methodology
Research Design
Research Approach
Data Collection
Research Administration
Data Analysis Method
Ethical Issues, Reliability and Validity
Research Limitations

4 – Results, Analysis and Findings
Descriptive Statistics
Job satisfaction Aspects
Employee Motivation Aspects
Leadership Aspects
Quantitative Analysis
Hypothesis Analyses
Regression Analysis
Hypothesis 1
Hypothesis 2
Hypothesis 3

5 – Conclusion and Recommendation


Survey Questionnaire

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