Good employee relations at Petroleum Development Oman ensures that the workforce feels positive about their job identity and being part of the company. To foster strong employee relations, the company has provided a safe and healthy environment at work. Also, the company provides employees with various incentives to motivate them and incorporates an effective internal communication system (Fisher, 2015). Accordingly, healthy employee relations have made the workforce more motivated and productive. The company also ensures the stakeholders are involved and constitute towards improving employee relations. The government of Oman regulates the organization to adhere to labor policies on employee relations. Overall, good employee relations at Petroleum Development Oman have had many benefits for the company. First, it has witnessed increased productivity leading to higher profits compared to its competition in the industry. The company has low employee turnover rates because good relations enhance employee loyalty. In addition to customer loyalty, better employee relations within the organization have minimized the number of conflicts reported since the work environment is friendly and efficient. The company recognizes the value of good employee relations and there works to encourage them to achieve the same through the provision of incentives and rewards to workers who deliver good results. This seeks to encourage positive competition in the organization

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