Assessing the Impact of AI Adoption on Business Performance in the UK IT Sector (2023)

AI Adoption Business Performance UK IT Sector Dissertation – This dissertation aims to evaluate how adopting AI affects the business performance of IT firms in the UK. Data was gathered from primary sources using questionnaires. A deductive approach was used, employing quantitative techniques. The study’s sample consisted of UK-based respondents employed in the IT sector. It was found that AI has a significant impact on business performance. The research suggests that firms should focus on training their employees to use AI effectively and develop policies that support AI usage.

Additionally, fostering a supportive environment is recommended to encourage AI adoption. The research has limitations including a small sample size, cross-sectional data, and contextual constraints. This dissertation explores how AI capabilities influence organizational performance and process-level performance. The study primarily focuses on the economic impact of organizational transformation initiatives enabled by AI. While AI is not yet comparable to human intelligence in its entirety, it is proficient in certain tasks and has greatly influenced the world and businesses. Given the above discussions, this research aims to evaluate the impact of AI on the business performance of the UK IT sector. Furthermore, the study seeks to examine whether employees are willing to adopt AI and the differences in AI usage and business performance between male and female employees.

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1 – Introduction
Purpose of the study
Research questions
Research objectives
Problem statement
Expected outcomes

2 – Literature Review
Artificial Intelligence
Role of Artificial Intelligence in Businesses
AI in other industries
Artificial Intelligence and IT Sector
AI for B2B Promotion
Possibilities in the workplace and the use of AI
Business-to-business (B2B) advertising and AI technologies
Underpinning Theory
Resource-Based View (RBV) Theory

3 – Research Methodology
Rational of Research Approach
Research Philosophy
Research Design
Research Approach
Research Strategy
Time Horizon of the Study
Population and Sampling
Measurement of scales
Data collection
Data analysis
Data analysis techniques

4 – Results

5 – Recommendations



AI Adoption and Business Performance Dissertation
AI Adoption and Business Performance Dissertation

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