Data Visualization in E-commerce: A Study of Consumer Perspective (2016)

Data Visualization in E-commerce Dissertation – The potential for improvements in and through data visualization is evident throughout modern research, while consumer demands in these areas are less commonly examined. Meanwhile, many analysts presenting discussions and analyses across the past decade have described the significance of developments in data visualization, and the significance to e-commerce. The study aimed to assess existing technological and organizational potential and restrictions to optimizing data visualization for e-commerce, focusing on recommendations for on-going research and development.

Here, both the challenges to and opportunities for improving e-commerce sites through data visualization are considered. The instrumentation revealed comparable results for those with varying experience over three years compared to those with full-time experience for the past five. Data visualization has been reported to be geared towards more of a commercial tradition based on an extension of traditional business needs, rather than the reported needs of buyers (or with a buyer emphasis in general). Respondents commonly report a demand for improved organization for even their preferred sites, with data visualization apparently not emphasising buyer needs or promoting ease of use.

The primary recommendations for data visualization development in e-commerce are to: i) improve organization through data visualization across e-commerce, ii) approach (or request contractors and developers to target) site development with the needs and demands of the consumer in mind (rather than those of the business), iii) continue to make use of technology as needed, and iv) consider hesitance to be ‘too innovative’ while evaluating the related risks more thoroughly.

Research in this area is important to both organizations and consumers, as both would like to better address consumer needs. It is assumed that consumers with needs met will frequent a location and purchase from it, and while other factors may play a role in website visiting trends, the organizations are very interested in optimizing consumer purchases. Meanwhile, consumer reaction and perspective regarding data visualization are of general interest to design and software fields, learning about the impact of design and nature of reactions.

Despite the on-going improvements in technology, data visualization is rarely used in programs in ways which truly harness the technological capacities of existing hardware and software, while it can be challenging to completely restructure a website (especially for a company that was barely able to manage the integration and services for the site). Increased sales are generally important to the marketing and consumer behaviour fields, and thus the study has significance in multiple fields.

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1: Introduction
Research Aim, Question, and Objectives
Rationale for Research
Research Methodology
Structure of Presentation

2: Literature Review
Data Visualization and Site Design
Improving E-commerce and Consumer Preferences
Other Relevant Studies

3: Research Methods
Sampling and Target Audience
Research Instrumentation
Pilot Study and Data Collection
Data Analysis
Reliability and Validity
Limitations, Risks, and Ethics

4: Results and Analysis
Pilot Studies
Survey Results
Further Pre-Discussion Analysis
Interview Results
Further (Pre-Discussion) Analysis

5: Discussion, Recommendations, and Conclusion
Relation to Literature and Discussion
Concluding Remarks


Survey Questionnaire
Interview Questions

Data Visualization in E-commerce Dissertation
Data Visualization in E-commerce Dissertation

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