Management of Change In Information Systems Development

Information Systems Development Dissertation – System development is a complex process encompassing many decisions and issues consequently affecting system quality and user acceptance of systems. Butler and Fitzgerald claim that through user participation and management of change issues will ensure ultimate system success. A model was proposed. In an attempt to test the model’s validity, a system development project originated from the Co-operative Group was studied in order to develop a deeper understanding into the phenomenon.

The primary objective is to determine the model’s generalisability in different settings. This dissertation has adopted both interpretivism and positivism epistemological perspectives, leading to the adoption of the mixed methods, in which they were independently applied. The integration of both qualitative and quantitative findings normally results in new insights. This research has raised two questions in relation to the model. The third question proposes a new perspective based on the implication of Butler and Fitzgerald’s research and the use of further literature. The model is used as a reporting and analytical mechanism for this research.

Evidence suggested that Butler and Fitzgerald’s model is applicable and generalisable in different settings. However, user participation is dependent on the individuals that make up an organisation and individuals are unpredictable variables. Evidence further suggested system development critical factors vary depends on the organisation and the methodology adopted. This study concludes that user participation increases user acceptance of systems by reducing user resistance to change. A change diagnostic survey is recommended prior to the commencement of system development project, thus minimising change issues.

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1: Introduction
Business Problem
Literary Review

2: Organisation Background
The Co-operative Group
The Co-operative Movement

3: Organisation Context
Organisational Structure
Organisational Culture
Leadership Style
IS Strategy
Co-operative Strategy
SWOT analysis

4: Butler and Fitzgerald’s Model
Research Interest
Butler and Fitzgerald’s Model
Institutional Context
User-Related Factors
Project-Related Factors
Process-Related Factors
Change Management Issues

5: User Participation and ISD
User participation
Types of Users
Guimaraes’ Six Elements of System Quality

6: Change Management and ISD
Change Management
Planned Change Approach
Emergent Change Approach
Change Diagnosis

7: Research Methodology
Modes of Analysis

8: Research Reliability
Project Metro Description
Ecological Validity Analysis

9: Findings
Interview Results
Questionnaire Results

10: Analysis
Butler and Fitzgerald’s Model
Institutional Context
User Related Factors
Project-Related Factors
Process-Related Factors
Change Management Issues

11: Conclusions and Discussions
Research Limitations
Concluding Remarks
Implications and future development


Appendix Section

Information Systems Development Dissertation
Information Systems Development Dissertation

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