Forensic Computing: Introduced and Defined

The computer criminal has had a field day for the last two decades, committing crimes on unsuspecting victims, confident in the knowledge they wouldn’t be caught. The saviour is here adeptly titled forensic computing, the patrolling Bobbies of the cyber world, eager to pick up the trail of criminal cyber activity and provide digital evidence for a court of law. So how does this new field run?

What are the common activities of day-to-day investigations of computer crime? This research is focused on providing an overview of what forensic computing entails and some of the current issues surrounding it. One such issue is the lack of resources faced by law authorities in funding a full-scale forensics department.

This focus will be explored as well as highlighting areas such as judges seemingly keen to dismiss computer crime as a low priority, through various misconceptions and the lack of technical knowledge available in the courtroom. Hopefully by reading this paper, the new field of forensics will be explained to the reader and its importance to society worldwide.

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1: Introduction
Dissertation Aims and Objectives
Structure, Layout and Chapter Summaries
Research Approach
Primary Research

2: Computer Crime
Computer crime
Computer crime explained
History timeline
Defining and categorising
The primary types of computer crime
The computer criminal
The Computer Hacker
Hacker’s arguments

3: Forensic Computing defined
Definition of Forensic Computing
Email Rape
Hospital Intrusion

4: The four Phases
The Four phases
Preservation and Presentation of digital evidence

5: Tools of the Trade
Tools of the Trade

6: Current Issues
Current Issues
Further Issues

7: Conclusion
Review of Research objectives
What the future Holds
Future research and considerations



Forensic Computing Dissertation
Forensic Computing Dissertation

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