Exploring The Implementation Of CRM Systems Within Call Centres In The UK And Relating The Factors Which Affect The Well-Being Of The Employee

This dissertation aims to examine how customer relationship management (CRM) systems are implemented within the business-to-consumer (B2C) retail sector in the UK. The study challenges the image of call centres with the utilisation of a case study within a retail setting. The focus is placed on the strategic implementation of CRM applications and to explore how such systems are used to support customer relationships.

Current CRM systems are dominated by operational applications such as call centres. Call centres are growing at exceptional rates, yet little is known about employee well being and customer satisfaction. Therefore this study aims to determine the factors which affect the well being of employees working in a call centre environment.

The analysis suggests issues involving the structure of the organisation and its approach to staff issues such as their well being, recruitment, motivation and morale, are of particular concern for the implementation of CRM systems.

  • 17,000 words – 78 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of models
  • Good analysis
  • Ideal for Business and IT students

1 – Introduction
Dissertation Aims
Dissertation Objectives
Framework of the Dissertation
Limitations of Study

2 – Synopsis of CRM
Evolution of CRM
The Emergence of CRM in the retail services industry
The implementation of CRM systems
Internet as a tool for Customer Relationship Management
Customer Satisfaction through e-CRM
Conclusion of Chapter Two

3 – Customer Centricity
Customer perceptions of call centres
CRM systems and call centres
The use of technology
Call Distribution
Performance Monitoring
Conclusion of Chapter Three

4 – Research
Secondary Research
Primary Research
Questionnaire Surveys
Case Study
Conclusion of Chapter Four

5 –
Company Insight
Current Technology
AFS customers
Conclusion of Chapter Five

6 – Analysis
Questionnaire Analysis
Customer service and CRM
Stress levels in call centres
Performance Monitoring
Relationships between management and call centre agents
Call handling
Interview Analysis
Implementation of CRM and CRM use
Employee Focus
Conclusion of Chapter Six

7 – Reflection and Evaluation
Reflection of Personal Learning
Limitations to Study
Recommendations for Future Research



Implementation of CRM Systems Dissertation
Implementation of CRM Systems Dissertation

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