To What Extent Mobile Working Has Benefited IBM And Its Employees

The past decade has seen an acceleration in technological change as new technologies are constantly being developed and becoming more advanced. The advent of this technology has opened up new business models and ways of working. Mobile working has become increasingly popular as it is believed to enhance customer response time and reduce costs.

This study explores the potential benefits and negative impacts that working from home can create. The proposed potential benefits are increased productivity and increased stress. Negative impacts are social isolation as talks round the coffee machine diminish. Mobile technologies like Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) will be evaluated, in order to determine their effectiveness in making this mobile lifestyle possible in the modern business world.

The study will look at other areas such as communication, analysing how employees interact with each other and the types of technology used to assist this interaction. It will also look to identify any issues that arise as this new approach of working is introduced into many organisations.

The dissertation is a study of the adoption of mobile working lifestyle in companies, based primarily on IBM’s experiences. The investigation is designed to decipher how mobile working can impact organisations and their employees, in terms of productivity and analysing their social well-being. The study is designed to show if this flexible approach is suitable for all types of organisations and what considerations need to be made when adopting this mobile lifestyle. This study will examine how mobile working has affected IBM, analysing the problems encountered and the solutions used to overcome these.

  • 14,000 words – 57 pages in length
  • Excellent use of literature
  • Good use of business / IT models
  • Good in depth analysis
  • Ideal for Business and IT students

1. Introduction
Circumstance of events
Research proposition

2. Business opportunity problem
A brief history of the relationship between mobile working and IBM
A brief history of mobile working

3. Overview of the study
Aims and objectives
Structure of the study

4. Literature review
Technological environment
Organisational environment

5. Empirical research
Data collection
Strengths of questionnaire method
Weaknesses of questionnaire method
Strengths of interview method
Weaknesses of interview method
Data collection instruments
Data analysis process

6. Critical reflection
Analysis and results
Questionnaire analysis
Interview analysis
Analysis Conclusion

7. Conclusion and recommendations

8. Final Reflection

Appendix Section
Glossary of terms

Mobile Working at IBM Dissertation
Mobile Working at IBM Dissertation

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