Limiting IT Project Failure By Integrating An IT Framework For Project Management And IT Service Delivery (2007)

Framework For Project Management Dissertation – Much has been written about IT (Information technology) project failure and numerous academic, industry and case study research papers exist on this subject. IT Project failure causes are however somewhat open for interpretation and remedial actions to resolve the continued and ever increasing number of failure cases are inconclusive.

There is growing recognition from in the corporate world for the need to leverage the strategic advantage that IT can provide by adopting a successful approach in relation the delivery of new IT based initiatives. There is also the recognition that IT operational services are pinnacle to the successful operation of business as usual. The IT infrastructure now more than ever supports and ensures operation of the business infrastructure. This is most evident when considering real-time (24 x 7) business commerce such as the services being offered by a number of Internet traders.

A review of best practice project management and IT delivery methods illustrates that various applied and proven methods or practice frameworks exist, that can easily be adopted within organisations of any size to manage the implementation and operation of their IT investment. These same methods or practice frameworks can and should be used to minimise typical IT project failure scenarios.

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1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. Aims

4. Research
Contribution of the Study
Research Framework and Structure
Research Process

5. It Project Management Failure
Introduction to IT Project Failure
Project Failure in Context
Measuring Failure
Considering Failure Perspectives
Project Failure a Management Perspective
Failure as a Perspective for Assessment
Project Triple Constraint as a Failure Perspective
Organisation Operational Change as a Failure Perspective
Other Failure Perspectives
Analysis and Discussion

6. Project Management Methods
Project Management History and Evolution
Project Management Definitions
Linking Organisational Management to Project Management
Project Stages
Project Management Practice Frameworks
PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) As Developed By the PMI (Project Management Institute)
Prince2 (Projects In A Controlled Environment) As Developed By the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency)
PMBOK Process Groups
Prince2 Project Management Steps and Process Model
Applied Project Management Practice
Analysis and Discussion

7. IT Project Lifecycles

Technical Project Ad Project Lifecycles Characteristics
Waterfall Model
Iterative Model
Phase Delivery
Technology Implementation Approach

8. Introduction to IT Service Delivery
A Review of IT Service Best Practice
Capacity Management
Capacity Management Benefits
Financial Management for IT Services
Financial Management Benefits
Availability Management
Availability Management Benefits
Service Level Management
Service Level Management Benefits
IT Service Continuity Management
ITSCM Benefits

9. IT Conceptual Framework


Framework For Project Management Dissertation
Framework For Project Management Dissertation

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