Understanding Cybercrime

Understanding Cybercrime Dissertation – In the current era of technological advancement, the creation and growth of internet and virtual space have revolutionized communication and information. The internet technologies are playing a significant role locally and globally in influencing businesses and economies. However, at the same time, the advancement has certain drawbacks since digital network have vulnerabilities and are subject cybercrime. This report focuses on the notion of cybercrime and discusses the evolution of cybercrime (its past and present). It further evaluates the association between cyber trend and psychology.

The report presents global extent of cybercrime but discussing it in the context of Asia, America, and Europe. The research reveals with increasing number of users of internet and technology have also led to an increase of cybersecurity issues. For this purpose, a number of initiatives are taken to combat cybercrimes, which include international initiatives, cybercrime legislation, and specific government initiatives such as complaint centers, cyber action team and National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance. The report further evaluates the problem in the light of case studies and discusses cybercrimes. In short, the advancement in technology is responsible for the increasing number of cybercrimes, which is targeting people across the world.

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What is Cyber Crime?
Cyber: Past and Present
Cyber Trend and Psychology
Global Extent of Cyber Crime
Cybercrime in Asia
Cybercrime in America
Cybercrime in Europe

Combating Cybercrime
International Initiatives
Cyber Crime legislation
Government Initiatives in the US
Law Enforcement Approach in the US

Legislation and Jurisdiction
Policy and Procedural Limitations
Technological Limitations
Cyber Crime Statistics

Case Studies
Hacking of US Defense Department and NASA, 1999
MafiaBoy takes over Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay, 2000
Western Union (WU) Cyber Attack, 2000
ChoicePoint Inc.’s Cyber-crime, 2004
JP Morgan Chase, 2005
Wachovia Inc., 2005
Cyber-attack on Google China, 2006
Breach in Cyber Security at Scientology, 2008
Cyber Crime at Yahoo, 2013
Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) and GOP Hackers, 2014
WannaCry Attack on NHS, 2017




Understanding Cybercrime Project
Understanding Cybercrime Project

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