An Investigation Into Cybercrime With Focus On Internet Piracy

Cybercrime and Internet Piracy Dissertation – The methodological approach used throughout the entirety of this study is through secondary research only, gathering information from existing studies and literature and critically assessing the information reported.
There are several factors that are foreseen to affect the outcome of this study ion particular. These include the novelty of the area of cybercrime, which will lead to a lack of research and lack of statistical analysis. The statistics that are available are likely to have been obscured by many different factors which will be discussed ion detail throughout the study.

There have been many recent contributions to the area of criminological study surrounding cybercrime including the works of David Wall, Majid Yar, Peter Grabosky and Brian Loader which have aided my personal understanding of cybercrime and its relevance to society today. However, most of the literature lacks focus in regards to what offence is being studied and tend to classify cybercrimes together. The aim for this report is to place the focus upon one singular behaviour, that of digital piracy, in order to attempt to gain valuable knowledge about one of the most common forms of crime that occur in society today.

This study will attempt to look at some of the many issues associated with cybercrime and in particular, piracy, including the current scale of pirate activities, the causes and motivation for committing piracy and problems for law enforcement agencies in tackling this rising problem. Before these issues can be addressed, it is essential to grasp some fundamental background concepts. This introductory chapter seeks to provide an overview to these important issues focusing on what exactly constitutes a crime and how a cybercrime can be defined. It will then seek to look at the history of the internet and to explain some important concepts involved in piracy.

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  • Good in depth analysis
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1 – Introduction What is Cybercrime?
What is Deviance?
What is Crime?
Cybercrime explained
Brief History of the Internet

2 – Understanding the extent of Piracy
The Scope and Scale of Pirate Activity
Problems with Knowledge Creation
Focus of Investigation
Incorrect Assumptions
Media Sensationalism
Shifting Definitions
Industry Bias

3 – Piracy: A new kind of crime?
Time and Space re-imagined
Cybercrime and Identity
The Nature of Intellectual Property
Necessary Resources
Social Exclusion?
Moral Consensus

4 – Who are the Pirates?
Youth and Piracy
Income and Piracy
Culture and Piracy
Social Class and Piracy

5 – Causes and Motivations for Offence
Offender Motivation
Suitable Targets

6 – Challenges for Law Enforcement
Police Resources and Culture

7 – Policing Cyberspace: How are law makers responding?
Who is Policing Cyberspace?
Anti-Piracy Initiatives
The Criminalisation of Piracy
Re-Education Campaigns

8 – Conclusion
Criminalisation or Demonisation
Final Thoughts


Cybercrime and Focus On Internet Piracy Dissertation
Cybercrime and Focus On Internet Piracy Dissertation

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