Analysis into Data Management in E-Governance Systems

E-governance is more than just a government website on the Internet. But what is it exactly, and what is it not? Many definitions exist for e-governance. Several other terms are also commonly used, including: e-business, e-democracy and e-government. 1. E-democracy refers to the processes and structures that encompass all forms of electronic interaction between Government (elected) and the Citizen (electorate).

2. E-government is a form of e-business in governance and refers to the processes and structures pertinent to the delivery of electronic services to the public (citizens and businesses), collaborating with business partners and conducting electronic transactions within an organizational entity. T

he application of electronic means in: (1) The interaction between government and citizens and government and businesses, as well as in (2) Internal government operations to simplify and improve democratic, government and business aspects of Governance.

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1. Introduction
E-governance Objective
Model and Phases in e-governance
Developmental Challenges
Issues in Implementation
Infrastructural Issues
Social and Cultural Issues
Security Issues
Hardware and Software Issues
Administration Issues
Financial Issues
Database Issues

2. Query Processing Solutions in E Governance: A Review
Overall Architecture
Module Functionality
Algebraic Space
Method-Structure Space
Cost Model
Size-Distribution Estimator
Algebraic Space 2
Optimization Algorithms
Dynamic Programming Algorithms
Randomized Algorithms
Algorithm Description
Other Search Strategies
Size-Distribution Estimator
Other Techniques
Non-centralized Environments
Parallel Databases
Distributed Databases
Advanced Types of Optimization
Semantic Query Optimization
Global Query Optimization
Parametric Dynamic Query Optimization

3. A* algorithm in Query Optimization
Problems with A* and its Solution

4. Improved A* Algorithm for Query Optimization

5. Testing Procedures and Results
Initialization Parameters
Cost Calculation
Probability Function
Other Assumptions
Output Quality
Nodes to be visited
Explanation of the Observed Behaviour


E-Governance Systems and Data Management Dissertation
E-Governance Systems and Data Management Dissertation

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