Final Year Project: Design, Develop and Implement An E-Commerce Solution (2005)

E-Commerce Solution Final Year Project – This project report is a report that has been compiled following the completion of the authors’ final year project in partial fulfilment of the Degree of BSc (Hons) Database Computing. The report outlines the domain of a current student union and outlines the potential the Internet has to offer especially in the field of E-Commerce.

The report details the rationale behind the methods adopted in the process of the project, analysing alternative feasible options and justifying selections. It analyses relevant tools, and techniques employed in the actual implementation and identifies the process of design through implementation, to user testing of the proposed solution.

Finally the report concludes with a critical evaluation highlighting deviations in what had initially been proposed, limitations of the system and an overview of each section of this report, from start to finish.

  • 12,000 words – 242 pages (including code)
  • Excellent database project
  • Good use of models
  • Includes 180 of code
  • Does not include CD ROM with files
  • Ideal for computing and IT students

1 – Project Scope
Problem Definition
Proposed Solution
Personal Development
Personal Aims

2: Analysis and Investigation
The Students Union
Ethical and Legal Considerations
Data Protection Act 1998
Disability Discriminations Act
Transactional Security
Life Cycle Investigation
Structured Systems Analysis & Design Methodology
Dynamic Systems Development Method
Life Cycle Conclusions
Development Language Investigation
PHP: Hypertext Pre-Processor
Development Language Justifications
Development Software Investigation
Database Development Software
Web Development Software
Miscellaneous Software
Client-Side Software
Internet Browsing Software
Third Party Software
Client-Side Software Conclusions
Risk Management/Analysis

3 – Design Of the Proposed Product
Functionality Outline
User-Side Design Outline
Admin-Side Design Outline
Website Design
Aesthetical Aspects
Colour Combinations
Font Styling
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
User-Side Template
Admin-Side Template
Structure Implementation Options
Database Design
A Normalised Approach
Entity Outline
Entity Attributes
Entity Relationship Model

4 – Implementation of the Proposed Product
Creating the Database
Creating the Website
Technically Challenging Aspects
Utilising the Asp.Net Functions
Asp.Net Custom Controls (ASCX)
Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)

5 – Evaluating the Proposed Product
Evaluation Strategy
Heuristic Evaluation
User Studies
Evaluation Findings
Heuristic Evaluation
User Studies
Future Improvements Based On Evaluations

6 – Critical Evaluation
Project Management
Life Cycle Approach
Development Tools
Web Development Tools (Web Matrix/Dreamweaver)
Database Development Tool (Microsoft Access 2003)
Other Tools
Development Languages

7 – Summary
Further Working

Appendix Section ** Majority of the Project Code

E-Commerce Solution Final Year Project
E-Commerce Solution Final Year Project

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