Final Year Project: Monitoring Data On The Internet

Monitoring Data On The Internet Final Year Project – This final year project documents the update of an existing proprietary Packet Description Language (PDL)[1] with an EXPRESS model, which was the main objective of this project. Any network monitoring tools require a means of identifying packet structure and the EXPRESS model should provide general structure for storing both packet descriptions and actual captured packets. To both test and show the model in use a simple description GUI and packet browser were created in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition.

As the Internet grows in size and complexity network management tools need to be flexible in order to adapt to changes in network use and structure. This requires where possible universal approaches especially at the basic packet structure level; the EXPRESS model aims to provide a universal information model that can be used in a variety of ways.

Many tools are available for network management, ranging from backup utilities to electrical signal strength tests. This project focuses on the types of tools that work directly on the actual network traffic breaking down individual packets in order to retrieve the information carried.
These are generally considered low-level tools involving a network monitor to capture and decode traffic allowing functions such as:

  • Tracing the route of packets sent or received
  • Traffic shaping used to control the flow of network traffic to equal load
  • Storing and decoding captured packets to allow filtering and simple analysis

  • 10,000 words – 65 pages in length
  • Expertly written throughout
  • Excellent analysis
  • Good use of models and theory
  • Ideal for computer science and IT students

1: Introduction
Network Management
Network Monitoring
Software Traffic Monitoring
Packet Structure
EXPRESS Modelling
Visual C++

2: Packet Description Language (PDL)
Basic Structure
Example Of Use

3: Design
Packet_definition Schema
Simple Field
Array & Sequence Fields
Selection Field
Multi Part Field
Lookup Tables
Packet Decode Schema
Overall Structure
Data Store
Packet Browser
EXPRESS Model Derived C++ Classes
Packet Description GUI

4: Implementation
Browser System
Visual C++ Issues
Revised Architecture
CSV Example
Example 1: Creating Simple Field
Example 2: Visual C++ Structs

5: Evaluation
Packet Browser
Further Development


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