An Analysis Into Social Networking Websites (2008)

In the everyday employment of computer mediated technology, it is apparent of the phenomenal growth and development of online social networking sites (SNS). Such mechanisms exhibit the capability to establish and readily maintain friendship networks online. Popular examples include MySpace, Facebook, Bebo and Hi5 where primarily; functionality includes a publishable personal profile, a repository for sharing information and the ability to provide social connectivity between its users.

There has been an increase of concern with the use of SNS and the impact it has on the social world, theories have suggested that such online mechanisms do not facilitate the formation and support of complex relationships and they appear to reduce social well being. However on the hand contrasting theories have supported the use of SNS and the ability to connect users to formulate a close knit network promoting greater turn over in useful information. In order to understand the impact of Facebook towards online social behaviour the following research questions have been formulated driving the investigation of this project:

  • Does Facebook facilitate the formation and support of close intense social relationships?
  • Is Facebook used for friendship maintenance for less close/ weaker social ties?
  • Can we manage more relationships online with the use of Facebook?
  • Does interaction on Facebook represent intimate communication fundamental to close relationships?
  • Do SNS substitute or supplement current methods of communication The investigation concludes Facebook is not tailored for the intimate communication fundamental for close intimate relationships, instead it proves to provide mechanisms for friendship maintenance.
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  • Good in depth analysis
  • Includes questionnaire
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1: Introduction

2: Background and Literature Survey
Relationship and Social Networks
Fundamental Hypothesis – Social Brain Theory
The Internet ¨Paradox¨
Contemporary Literature (SNS)

3: Methods
Personal Ego-Network Analysis
Facebook Content Analysis

4: Results
Questionnaire Results
Interview Results
Discussion and Summary
Personal Ego-Network Analysis
Content Analysis Results
Discussion and Summary

5: Conclusion
Reflection of Study
Future Development



Social Networking Websites Dissertation
Social Networking Websites Dissertation

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